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Friday 22 August 2014

Ex diabetes forum member and got sick of the grief ?

Hi, are you an ex forum member that got sick of the 'them and us' and the divide an conquer tactics ? maybe you are a low carber and tried to tell your success story, but got sick to the back teeth of idiots pushing high carb diets and ludicrous dietary nonsense.

Maybe, you was a member of a forum that was more interested in emailing you with junk you do not need, rather than being genuinely interested in your health and well-being. Don't be a number on a mailing list, join a happy knowledgeable forum, with some great people that control their diabetes and weight, and eat good food and live a happy and healthy life. Make no mistake, they will be genuinely interested to hear from you !

Look no further, join The Low Carb Diabetic Forum today, be with people who appreciate whole fresh food and minimal/nil medication is the way forward for the safe control of weight and diabetes.

Join The Low Carb Diabetic Forum by clicking here today.

Good luck and health to all.


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