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Monday 25 August 2014

Duggies Daily diary day four

Hi peeps

I know a lot of you guys think I'm batshit but I know what I am doing, are those mods in a coma or what. My thread has been going for sixteen pages of complete bullshit and still going strong. Mind you, I reckon Phoenix pharmaceuticals has sussed me, she's seen through my old Newcastle diet snow job, I've already lost all the weight init, so what's the point you may be thinking. Anyway I thought that old carboholic warrior was on my side, WTF is she playing at ? 

Those low carb high fat merchants have caused havoc on the DCUK forum, how are the management gonna flog it off to big pharma with all this low carb minimal meds shite ? Big Giv knows the score, more meds more confusion more misinformation is what big pharma want to see, that's were all the dosh is. 

BTW, what was all that bollicks about pot noodles and junk killin people off on the low carb blog, that bunch of nutters no nuffink about good health, jeez they ain't even takin statins, shows you how much those tossers know.

Back with more great stuff later.


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