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Friday 22 August 2014

DCUK The Son of Kman saga continues !

"My only hope and wish was to drive. A dream of mine as a child, to drive any car. No need for a sports car, anything at all but all efforts to achieve this goal have been in vain. It was the only thing keeping me going. I'm unable to do so due to out dated clutch technology. Despite lessons and using different cars, I can't use the clutch properly. And I don't see it happening anytime soon. Tried 6 times this week, rented dual control last week, everything. 3 years of this and I still can barely get a car to move, stop and move off from a stationary point without stalling, whiplash and complete failure. No biting point etc I just happen by some miracle when it works after the 5th attempt to shoot forward only to cause over rev and can't go into second. I've wasted money, wasted instructors time and fuel. What use am I to this world? What dreams do I have now?

My death feels like the only valid response to this world, and overdue… 
(given its incorrigible default to fear and hate, devoid of real love)"

Can someone tell this Joker about automatic gearbox cars. Jeez this bloke is taking longer to croak than John Wayne in an old western movie. And I'll tell you this, as a drama queen he leaves his old man for dead, beam me up Scotty !


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The following was deemed "Unkind, and unnecessary" by the admin who by the way think it's OK for Sid Bonkers to call LowCarbers idiots and liars.

Seems Alexander13 gets around a bit see:



Anonymous said...

She is very good at corralling the sheep! 9 pages deep!

Anonymous said...

When I joined the forum itbwas the first time I had ever felt that anyonebreally understoodbwhat diabetes was like. The low carb bashing was discouraging but, hey, everyone has an opinion. When the Kman thread took off I was sondisillusioned by the number of identities that turned outbound be trolls that it put me off posting either for help or to reply to someone else because I no longer trusted who I could be replying to etc. The way the moderators allowed the bullsh#t to continue was a real eye opener for me