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Tuesday 26 August 2014

Duggies daily diary day ?

Well stone the crows my wind up thread got locked WTF is going on ? Has that Osidge gone tropo or what ? jeez it was the night of the long knives for sure. Thread locking like back in Kenny boys days what a bloody liberty. It's coming to somefinck at the forum of flog when you can't post complete and utter bullshit without some uppity mod locking the thread. Gawd knows what the suicide kid will fink when he sees his tale of woe has been locked.

Giverny sort that Osidge out, i'm off to paint sumfinck and chomp on a few pot noodles..

Duggie not very amused !

PS. Did I tell ya I went skiing yesterday, by the cringe you should take a look at my arse, covered in bruises black and blue, my ring piece looks like the front of Chris Botti's trumpet. I fink I'll take up base jumping, it can't be more dangerous than my diet LOL.

1 comment:

Lowcarb team member said...

Looks like Osidge has been promoted to forum enforcer.

Being an anti LowCarber who believes in the NHS dietary guidelines for T2, he is also a walking test lab for big pharma when a new drug comes on the market you can guarantee he's first in line to be on it.