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Friday 8 August 2014

I'll have the roast pigeon please, I'm a neanderthal

Neanderthals were tucking into roast drum-sticks and wings thousands of years before modern humans, according to a new study.
Neanderthals were catching, butchering and cooking wild pigeons as much as 67,000 years ago, according to scientists, meaning that the human race was eating birds much earlier than thought.
An analysis of 1,724 dove-bones found in a cave in Gibraltar, publushed in the Scientific Reports journal, found tooth marks and evidence of roasting.
This suggested the doves may have been butchered and then roasted - the first evidence of hominids eating birds.
Researchers found that Neanderthals ate much like a latter-day Homo sapiens would tuck into a roast chicken, pulling the bones apart to get at the soft flesh.
Other recent studies have shown that in addition to meat, Neanderthals ate vegetables, berries and nuts, that they took care of their elders and used sophisticated bone tools.
More on this article here.
So, they ate meat, vegetables, berries and nuts. good grief that sounds like my diet. That diet couldn't have been too bad, otherwise we wouldn't be here today. I think I will stick to plan A.
You know it makes sense, why fight it ?


Anonymous said...

You could always audition for this show.

There may not be many bison or dinosaurs roaming around but it would give you an insight into how hard life was for our ancestors.

Anonymous said...

Food that has been around for centuries and not been processed in factories, much healthier.

Hannah M