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Saturday 9 August 2014

DCUK why do so many on the forum want duggie to fail ?

Douglas99 returned to the forum the other night in a blaze of ignominy. No low carb high fat diet for me he bellowed. That has been duggies war cry for a long time. Anyway let's cut to the chase. He tells us he gave up statins due to possible shoulder damage three months ago. His lipid panel has gone down the crapper and he is back on a statins looking for improvement. He gives us a long list of junk he has been eating, and the current medication. His BG numbers quoted are no better than fair. But HbA1c appearers to be holding up, at the moment. In all, not a lot to shout about on the success front.

But wait, the high meds carboholics love anyone that is not a low carber, you can get applause from the antis and dullards, if you are eating ground up depleted uranium for breakfast. Check out the comments made to duggie below.

"You sound as if you are having a great time and have balanced your quality of life and your diabetes." Phoenix

"Anyway well done on finding a diet that works for you" Noblehead

"I am pleased you have found a diet that works for you" Bluetit1802

"You are proof, not that it was ever needed, that there is not a "one size fits all answer to diabetes" Semiphonic

"You are proof that people should try different diets before they commit to one and not just opt for the LCHF straight away we need to experiment"  Anniec

Now, I have had a few run ins with duggie, but I wish the man well, why the above want him heading for palookaville is beyond me. The question I am asking myself is how bad does a diet have to be, before the antis stop applauding.

As I often say, the Lard works in mysterious ways.

Link to the forum of flog here.



Gwen said...

Frankly, MOST people would rather die, quite literally, than give up their beloved grains (or sugar) (or processed junk foods.)


Anonymous said...

AnnieC is happily stuffing her octogenarian type 2 husband with carbs while telling the world LCHF is wrong. His only consolation is that he will not live for decades to develop the complications her diet will give him.

Lowcarb team member said...

The trouble is most of people that know what they are doing have left the forum. The mods are only interested in word games and dross threads and the management are clueless. When good guy Ian goes they can turn out the lights.


Anonymous said...

Sadly most diabetic forums are alike. A bunch of obvious falling diabetics take over will all the sad tales with their failing diets, hoping for a drug that will solve their problem with their addition to carbs. Most sane persons just shy away to that pathetic situation since they will draw down anyone with all the bad vibe they project.