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Thursday 21 August 2014

Duggies Daily Diary day two.

Good grief am I in the wars or what. I woke up this morning scratching like a fly blown rabid monkey. I should have known that bed for fiver from Ebay was a bad move. No wonder them Army squadies call their beds scratchers, jeez I am infested up to the gills. The Council is sending a geezer over this afternoon to de-infest the gaff. Anyway the painting is going to plan, last night I watched the crapper ceiling dry and I was ecstatic, have you ever watched emulsion paint dry ? try it some time, it's a real mind blower.

I have had a great result with the pot noodles, I've done a deal with Unilever and if I buy 'em by the pallet I can get a 10% discount, is that a result or what ! Pot noodles are what keeps me going, seriously, I swear I am thinking straighter since making 'em the basis of my diet. What those low carb high fat munchers see in meat and three veg is beyond me, what a bunch of arse hats they are eh !

Anyway must fly, jeez flies, I can't get 'em out of my head, where's that geezer from the council got to, no wonder Sid went batshit.

More interesting stuff tomorrow.


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