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Thursday 11 June 2015

Down in the dumps? Eat fewer carbs, more fat, says Dr Ann Childers

Dr Ann Childers is a rare breed: an adult, adolescent and child psychiatrist with an integrated approach to mental health. In other words, she doesn’t just dish out the drugs to anyone who is ‘down in the dumps’. Childers has a passionate interest in helping patients improve their physical and mental health through optimum nutrition, weight control, metabolic management, and sleep. She was one of a stellar gathering of international speakers at the low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) summit in Cape Town in February, hosted by sports scientist Prof Tim Noakes, where she spoke on nutrition and mental health.

Childers says a major problem affecting not just waistlines, but mental health and mood worldwide, is that we’ve strayed too far from traditional, healthy diets. We don’t eat enough fat, especially well-sourced, natural (and saturated) fats from pastured animals, virgin coconut oil, etc. We eat too many processed foods, and ‘highly fermentable carbohydrates': sticky, sugary foods, dried fruits, refined grains, crackers, potato chips, and sugary soft drinks, that are cariogenic, promote malnutrition, impair metabolism, and affect cognition (thinking) and mood. Here, Childers talks to me about good and bad food for mood. – Marika Sboros

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Gingi said...

This is great advice, I have benefited from it before! <3 -

Anonymous said...

Carbs, and sugar can leave you feeling worse.

Lowcarb team member said...

@’Shooting Blanks’

Please keep on topic, your comment did not address the subject matter therefore I have applied DCUK forum ethos and rules and have deleted your comment. I feel sure your mistress Frau cherub would have approved.


This action only applies to anonymous DCUK members, freedom of speech from genuine people will be allowed even if does offer constructive criticism.

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