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Wednesday 17 June 2015

Fat Emperor Special: Discussion with the Delightful and Learned Dr. Kenneth Brookley

June 16, 2015

Professor Kraft characterised the rampant diabetes problem in our society; by performing over 16,000 'five-hour glucose tolerance with insulin assay' tests on patients, he showed that there were multiple response that indicated diabetes was actually present - even when the patients would have exhibited normal fasting glucose and even glucose tolerance test results. In short, he demonstrated that diabetes was far more prevalent than anyone realised - his work was extraordinary and quite frankly unparalleled in medicine. Being a professor of pathology, his 3000+ autopsies on these patients revealed that the vascular phenomenon of atherosclerosis is essentially a vascular diabetic phenomenon; people with advanced atherosclerosis who were not diabetic...were simply not yet diagnosed as diabetic.

Dr. Brookley has similarly found that diabeties/hyperinsulinemia underpins the pathology of tinnitus, migraine and other inner-ear phenomena. He gets it, and has so much to say. I hope you enjoy the many insights that he brings to the extraordinarily destructive and ubiquitous scourge of hyperinsulinemia in our society!

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Anonymous said...

So everyone near enough is diabetic?

Or maybe it's just a case of finding what you want to find, it's been known for a long time everyone's blood sugar varies up and down beyond the 'normal' range if you check then often enough.

Lowcarb team member said...

It has been reported by DUK and many others, up to 3 million people in the UK alone, are walking around with diabetes and are un-diagnosed. Who knows the true number.


Galina L. said...

I think not only diabetics should know how their blood sugar levels change during the day. My mom runs absolutely abnormal BS levels after an oatmeal consumed during her breakfast. Her fasting BS was always normal, but she became very hungry in 2 hours after such meal. I know personally at least two people treated for anxiety which is caused actually by abnormal fluctuations of their BS. May be calling such abnormalities a diabetes is an overkill, but it is the mark of an unhealthy metabolism which leads to all sorts of deceases.
LCarbing normalized my mom's blood pressure and allowed her to drop 20+lbs. I am also sure it allowed her to survive taking care of her dying partner. It was very hard mentally, emotionally and physically.

Unknown said...

The video seems to have been made private - I searched Youtube and found a final edit version here:

Lowcarb team member said...

Many thanks for your thoughts and comments here Galina - I'm sure readers will find them insightful and interesting.

I know that in the seven years that I have been living the LCHF lifestyle my well-being has improved, and I would not go back to eating the processed foods, too many carbs etc.that I previously did. My intake is no more than 50 carbs per day ... balanced of course with eating healthy fats and moderate protein foods. It is important for each of us to choose what works best for us, and there are those who may only eat 20 carbs per day - and others who may consume 80, or more. It must always be an individual choice.

All the best Jan

Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks for the new link Indy - have amended the video.

Regards Eddie