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Friday 5 June 2015

Prof. Tim Noakes shreds dietitian Marthie Leach during TV debate on banting diet.


Lori Miller said...

That was awesome.

Lowcarb team member said...

"That was awesome."

We all agree. Thanks for your comment Lori.

Anna Down Under said...

Wow, she just was not hearing the truth, was she. She had nothing to back up her views. Thanks for sharing this. I got so sick of hearing that the reason I kept gaining weight on my 'healthy' high carb low fat diet was because I just wasn't sticking to it well enough. Six years I followed their 'expert' advice and wound up fatter than ever and pre-diabetic. The moment I switched to low carb the weight dropped off quickly. I'm down 119 pounds to date. Yeah, the problem was me not following the plan correctly!? I say it was the wrong plan, but thank heavens I have the right one now.

Lowcarb team member said...

"The moment I switched to low carb the weight dropped off quickly. I'm down 119 pounds to date." That is excellent news Anna - well done.

Low Carb, High Fat has helped so many people, and it is important to keep on sharing and exchanging our views and good news.

Thanks for your comment

All the best Jan

Anonymous said...

Oh dear... She looked very uncomfortable, shuffling around in her seat at the end of the interview... while Professor Noakes completely obliterated her!!! Just goes to show that the majority of them haven't got a clue what they are talking about! And yet they are held up as being the so called 'experts'! A lot are trained to dish out milky drinks to the masses.. and using specialist area's like 'renal' and 'ICU' to sound important, when actually ICU can get along just fine without them (as weekends and when they are off sick shows)!

I blame those above for endorsing them as the 'experts'. In my experience there was a lot of dishing out of 'build up drinks' and 'banana or vanilla favoured milky drinks'. Funny thing is a lot of ward staff thought the same and had a right chuckle!