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Sunday 13 September 2015

Catherine Crofts PhD on Hyperinsulinemia and Kraft

Let's hear it for Catherine who is near completing her PhD, which is based on the work of Dr. Joseph R. Kraft. Here she summarizes the phenomenal linkages between elevated Insulin and a dizzying range of chronic diseases. Here she explains some of how the modern medical world has disgracefully, shockingly underemphasized the crucial Insulin factor. For some reason they choose instead to prattle on about 'cholesterol' (a secondary, noisy factor, that needs to be discarded before damn near the whole world is diabetic). The ridiculous thing is that most 'cholesterol' issues...are driven by hyperinsulinemia in the first place. Please support her work by watching and commenting on this short video. Thank you.

This compliments an earlier Kraft video posted on this blog


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chris c said...

Basck when my mother was young tnere WERE no "epidemics" of obesity or diabetes and "everyone knew" that if you wanted to lose weight you cut back on starches. Dieting was still often called "Banting"

Back when I was young the same was still true. Being fat was often blamed on "glands" ie. endocrine.

It's only since we imported high carb low fat diets from the US that we imported their levels of obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

Now being fat is commonplace and blamed on "gluttony and sloth". Being diabetic is blamed on "too much fat".

Doctors have lots of meds they can now use to (slightly) improve their patients' numbers, often with major side effects, but none of these except metformin actually affects the PROCESSES involved. LCHF actually addresses the processes that are malfunctioning rather than just the end results.

It would be really interesting to go back in time and see how prevalent hyperinsulinemia was in those days.