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Saturday 19 September 2015

The American Diabetes Association Scam Blows Up In Their Face !

The American Diabetes Association, which promotes a diet rich in carbohydrates for diabetics, "chasing" same with insulin and other drugs up and down on a daily basis, recently asked people to post their most-recent blood glucose numbers.

I doubt they expected what they got.

The comments are an utter and complete destruction of the ADA. While the plural of anecdote is not "data" what is in their comment stream strongly suggests that the ADA ought to be investigated for intentional harm to people that they allegedly claim to "help."

In short those who are claiming solid baseline and consistent 24 hour blood glucose control are almost to an individual also stating that they have completely discarded the ruinously bad ADA recommendations for diet and instead are eating high fat, low carb, moderate protein.

What's worse is that the people posting bad numbers are all eating the "recommended" diet, more or less, and that diet fails to work. The only good news is that some of them are being educated -- but the question ought to be why their doctors are not educating them and instead are chasing their results with more drugs and shots.

The entire medical establishment, in short, promotes eating a diet that results in both much higher drug use and fails to control A1c and instant blood sugar at the same time. The result is all of the complications of diabetes at a materially higher rate than would otherwise be the case and billions of spending on said drugs that otherwise would not need to be consumed as well as outrageous morbidity and all the medical interventions that come with it (e.g. blindness, limb amputations, etc.)

That eating low-carb, high-fat, moderate protein is effective in controlling blood sugar in diabetics, in many cases to the point of removing all need for both drugs and supplemental insulin for Type 2 and dramatically reducing insulin requirements for Type 1 patients, has been known since long before drugs to treat diabetes were invented.

That's because prior to the pharmaceutical company bonanza with this disease if you didn't eat this way you would die with certainty, and probably quite quickly too.

Yet despite this known fact (for a time period now coming up on a century), despite the known fact that there is no dietary requirement found in carbohydrate-rich foods (that is, there is no need for them in the human body) the ADA and virtually the entire damned medical establishment continues to tell people afflicted with this condition that they ought to eat foods that do direct, known, documented and material harm to their blood glucose stability and then chase same with drugs.

Never mind the point that for Type 2 diabetics not only may this mode of eating control the disease (while at the same time causing them to lose the extra weight that is probably part of their condition) many of them may not have developed diabetes at all!

Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States, afflicting roughly 9% of the US population and killing nearly 70,000 a year in the United States alone. Worse, many other deaths (e.g. heart disease) are probably contributed to by diabetes but the other condition gets the blame on the death certificate, so the toll is likely materially higher than reported.

I have just one question in light of the above: How does this not constitute intentional malpractice and in fact a recommendation, in diabetics, that they literally poison themselves and then take an "antidote" -- all inuring to the profit of both the physicians who wind up treating the results and the pharmaceutical industry?

And, by the way, where are the damned cops -- and handcuffs -- to slap on both the doctors and everyone else in the medical and pharmaceutical industry involved in this crap?

How many people have we shoved in the hole with their ruinous "recommendations" and how many billions of dollars have those in this industry siphoned off from these people who have suffered unnecessarily?

This information taken from here and sadly the same situation applies in the UK.


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chris c said...

For over a decade now, huge numbers of well controlled diabectis have been reporting this on the ADA's very own forum. So it's not as if they didn't already know the harm their diet was doing compared to the alternative.

Note the absence of some of their oldest sponsors like Geberal Mills and Kelloggs (?) and others who pulled their money when the ADA made tentative steps towards recognising low carb back in 2008