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Thursday 24 September 2015

Jimmy Moore a very busy man but always has time to fight for the cause!

Without doubt Jimmy Moore is very well known in the US and around the world. Many millions have read his blog and he is constantly travelling the world giving presentations and holding seminars. He has written top selling books and interviewed some of the most famous medical professionals in the low carb and paleo arena. That being said, he has always found time for the ordinary guy trying to spread the low carb message. Yet again he has helped me out today. He re-tweeted my open letter today to the owner. Jimmy is followed by almost 26,000 people on twitter and he also featured my letter in the LCHF experts on line newspaper. Thanks Jimmy I owe you.

Read the free LCHF diet experts on line newspaper here. 

Jimmy can be found here.



Debbie said...

good you you...good for everyone!!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I will visit the site you recommended. Went back thru a few of your blogs I had missed. I always enjoy your recipes and plan to try the roasted carrots. The photos alone made my mouth water. Thanks for continuing to provide advice, recipes and support.