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Friday 18 September 2015

Time to acknowledge our troll.

Many people say ‘Don’t feed the trolls’ sound advice I reckon. Sometimes in the past we have authorised troll comments, they never offer a scrap of useful information, but some can be amusing, for a limited time span. Usually when they get ignored and realise their comments are not going to be authorised, they disappear back to the quagmire they live. But not our troll.

For a long time out troll has posted comments here, the record was ten rambling comments in a day. Very rarely does a day go by when the troll does not comment. This sort of work rate deserves to be acknowledged, very often the troll will place a comment here within minutes of me posting on a forum or blog, It’s hard to imagine a more dedicated and loyal fan for my work than our troll. Imagine day and night reading our forum and blogs, every waking hour spent totally besotted with me and every word I write.

Now almost every cloud has a silver lining, you have to look at the positives. Clearly we are giving the troll a way of occupying their time, and while they are sending me anonymous abuse they are not pestering others. The troll must be learning a great deal of useful information by reading our forum and blog. Although we have no intention of ever monetizing our forum and blog (we receive not a penny from banner ads at the forum) we do like to see our page views go up. It confirms people are reading our blog, we can ask for no more. We are extremely grateful to the people who read our blog and especially grateful to those who take their valuable time to post constructive and positive comments.

So my troll, keep reading keep posting, you never know, one day you might get lucky and have a comment authorized. In the meantime good luck and health to all, especially you my most ardent fan.



Heather Chastain said...

I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes last year, and was put on Metformin. I followed the ADA diet 100% for a few weeks but it was ineffective at getting my blood sugar below 140. My Doctor was pretty ineffective as far as treatment options went (Metformin until Insulin...). Then I found this article -

help you figure out how to beat diabetes naturally, without being dependent on medications. Since following that protocol I've lost over 30 pounds and shaved 7 inches off my waist. I have more energy than ever, and can even work out twice on the same day when I feel like it. I hope that more people begin to open their eyes to the dead-end that is depending only on medications for Diabetes - there is a lot of success to be seen trying natural methods.

Lowcarb team member said...

Thank you Heather as you would expect I agree 100% with you. Try natural methods of diabetes control first, such as whole fresh food. Type ones of course must use insulin.

We know there is no cure for diabetes but it can be controlled, and the right diet together with exercise and nil/minimal medication is the way to go.

Regards Eddie

Gingi said...

I think I've seen the trolls posts before... they made me giggle! I have a troll on my site too, and it really amazes me. It's like a tiny sliver of the population feeds on negative attention. Makes me feel sorry for them and want to give them a hug! -

Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks for your comment Gingi. While some post with their real names and mug shot out there, others slither as anonymous cowardly, negative keyboard warriors. So brave are they, but never a positive or constructive comment to make. Never a useful piece of information, or a kind word for anyone.

But hey, we will carry on, no one has to read our blogs. And the good people out number the bad, by a long way.

Regards Eddie

chris c said...

Do you think they once had a failed blog or forum perhaps, so have a lot of time on their hands?

Or perhaps it's a side effect of Orlistat?

Anonymous said...

Trolls are very sad insecure individuals, research has shown many come from dysfunctional families and have been mistreated by the own parents. This is why they crave the attention missed in their infant years.

Linda said...

Love this post! Such a positive attitude.

Lowcarb team member said...

Who knows what motivates this sad troll. Five comments today, all binned. But hey, it gives this person pleasure, yet another benefit our blog brings. I like to think this adds to care in the community.


Gail said...

I have some of those that get through, I don't know how. Every one has to have a job I guess.

Martha said...

I imagine that in real life they're actually cowardly. This must be their alter ego :)