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Wednesday 2 September 2015

DCUK AKA The Forum of Flog owner says "you need to listen to others"

When you have hung around the diabetes forum, also known as the forum of flog, you get to see it all over the years. Every form of human life has passed through its doors. From highly educated and knowledgeable diabetics (most have left) to a qualified medical Doctor moderator (long gone). We have seen obvious wind up artistes protected by moronic mods and we have seen Stalinist mods banned for banning Doctors. In short, its best described as a sort of Monty Python's Flying Circus of the diabetes world. Highly amusing at times but not to be taken too seriously. The place claims to have over 160,000 members, but long time observers know only a tiny fraction of that number have stayed, or post on a regular basis.

One thing the flog could never ever be accused of is listening to it’s members. For years the slightest criticism of the management, moderators or members known as “the protected ones” has almost universally lead to banning, thread locking and post deletion. That being said, I was aghast, nay, poleaxed, to read today this statement from the forum owner. “It’s key to remember you need to listen to others” I believe I can truly say I have seen it all regarding the flog, but I have thought that before. Clearly at the “gullible diabetes community” there is no limit to the lunacy and Chutzpah. I find myself asking, has Mr. Panesar ever taken the time to have a look at his forum and if so, is he ever going to start listening to his forum members.

Arjun Panesar boss of forum says "you need to listen to others”

Hat tip to Baruney for the link to information. 


Anonymous said...

Listening is the active process of receiving and responding to spoken and sometimes unspoken messages. Maybe someone should try and explain this to Mr Panesar.

Mr Collins

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr Panesar doesn't even bother to have a look at the Forum. His bank balance maybe but not the forum.


Madelief said...

Hi Jen,

Thank you for leaving such a kind comment on my blog! Your black forest gateau looks delicious!

Happy week!

Madelief x

Lowcarb team member said...

Madelief - many thanks for your comment.

The flowers on your recent blog post 'A Late Summer's Day In The Garden' were just so lovely.

I am so pleased that you liked the Black Forest Gateau recipe highlighted in my blog post here

Enjoy the rest of your week - hope the weather is good in The Netherlands

All the best Jan