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Tuesday 15 September 2015

Prescription pills are Britain’s third biggest killer.

"Soaring drug use, a growing number of addicts, far too few clinics to treat them and a rising death toll. This might sound like a scene from an impoverished country run by drug cartels - but it is, in fact, the day-to-day reality for NHS patients who are prescribed psychiatric drugs to treat anxiety, insomnia and depression.

More than 80 million prescriptions for psychiatric drugs are written in the UK every year. Not only are these drugs often entirely unnecessary and ineffective, but they can also turn patients into addicts, cause crippling side-effects - and kill.

For instance, antipsychotics, commonly given to dementia patients to keep them quiet, raise the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Psychiatric drugs also make falls more likely, and breaking a hip can shorten life significantly, while some antidepressants are linked to a potentially deadly irregular heartbeat.

And the death toll from these pills has been grossly underestimated. As I reveal in a new book, Deadly Psychiatry And Organised Denial, the true figure is terrifying: according to my calculations, based on data from published and unpublished sources, for psychiatric drugs are the third major killer after heart disease and cancer.

As an investigator for the independent Cochrane Collaboration - an international body that assesses medical research - my role is to look forensically at the evidence for treatments."

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tess said...

fascinating article -- great find! thanks, Eddie!

Debbie said...

i am only too aware of this problem. what a great read!!!!

Lowcarb team member said...


Thank you both for your comments.


chris c said...

Just be aware that a lot of the anti-drug propaganda comes from the $cientologists.

Somewhere between their propaganda and the drug companies' biased "science" AKA marketing, the truth lies.

I suspect just like statins there is a proportion of patients who see major benefits, but they are marketed to many others as well.