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Friday 4 September 2015

Katie Hopkins is she happy now ?

Is the Sun now embarrassed by the ranting of columnist Katie Hopkins in the wake of deeply upsetting pictures of a child’s body washed ashore while trying to escape Syria? Monkey only asks after a tweet from @TheSun promoting her infamous column urging the use of “gunships to stop migrants” disappeared overnight.

No one at the paper, which joined many others in drawing attention to the plight of refugees fleeing war on Thursday morning, seems to know why the tweet vanished from its main account.

The promotional tweet, which featured a smiling Hopkins and a quote from her 17 April column: “Show me bodies floating in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad. I still don’t care.” was still up on Wednesday night. Yet by the time the print edition exhorting the prime minister to help prevent further refugee deaths hit the newsstands on Thursday morning, the post had been deleted.

Text and Sun Promotional Tweet from the Guardian here.

And to think the Sun, last time I checked is the largest selling UK Newspaper. Don't forget Hopkins is a regular on TV channels in the UK. This is called entertainment these days, the rush to the bottom of the sewer.



Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to think that journalists are a bit like nutritionists and economists - roughly 99% of them are morally bankrupt and/or incompetent scumbags. Hopkins is clearly not a member of the other 1%.

Such a sad photo that should strike shame in to the hearts of all the "turn back the boats at any cost" brigade. But alas, I doubt it will.

paul1976 said...

Looks like the sick bitch got her wish after all then! :( Vile woman!


NCmountainwoman said...

How tragic. It is frustrating for people who have so little empathy for others who are suffering so much.

Anonymous said...

This woman has never had empathy what she must be like to live with does not bear thinking about. The world should get together to help those who have so little.


Lowcarb team member said...

Who could look at that poor child and not get choked up? truly gut wrenching. The UK is the eighth richest country in the world and must take many of these people in. Let's face it, if all immigrants and foreigners went home the NHS would completely collapse.

What kind of world do we live in, when the likes of Hopkins is paid very well, by the gutter press and TV companies.


Martha said...

I can't tell you how much the death of this little baby shocked and pained me when I ran across it. We must not turn away from this image. We must look at it again and again and again, so we may truly feel the empathy needed to help people who need help. And be reminded of how we have all failed him. So horribly, terribly tragic.

Lowcarb team member said...

Many thanks to all who have read this post.
Special thanks to those who left their thoughts here.

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