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Tuesday 1 September 2015

DCUK The forum of flog and Bonkers Back to his Barking Best !

Meanwhile over at the forum of flog the Bonkers one gets more confused by the day. Today he is having a rant against information from low carbers on blogs and forums. Evidently we should only listen to accredited experts. These are the experts that preside over the lamentable state of diabetes care in the UK I presume. Anyway check out the screen shot and link here.

Now, you may be thinking, hang on a minute, is this the same bloke that was telling all the other week at the flog, he lost a shed load of weight, reduced his insulin resistance, and dumped injecting insulin by err...a strict low carb diet. Clearly the lad has gone completely berso. It was low carbers that put the dullard straight. Right now, I am thinking the Bonkers one is in need of some psychiatric help, and swiftly.

Welcome to the crazy world of diabetes, and it don't get crazier than the Bonkers one.


1 comment:

chris c said...

"Listen to experts, but only if they agree with ME!"