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Sunday 1 April 2012

Black pudding is new super-food!

The centuries-old breakfast favourite, Black Pudding, has been rated as a super-food by leading top nutritionists at the Didcott Food and Drink Research Laboratories.

A report reveals that black pudding has now joined the ranks of super-healthy foodstuffs such as purple carrots, macaroons and seaweed - all believed to help you live longer, enjoy improved memory, and live longer.

The report concluded, "We need to change our thinking regarding black pudding.

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Superfoods UK


Lowcarb team member said...

I love black pudding but too carby for me. A couple of times a year treat.


Brian said...

I'm trying to make a Paleo/Low Carb version. I started a thread at:


Rani said...


I just finished creating an infographic that I think is a good fit for your readers on The Low Carb Diabetec.

It's called "7 Superfoods That Help You Live Longer." You can see it here.

I wanted to get in touch because while researching, I read the post you wrote about Superfoods, so I wanted to get in touch to see if you'd like to use my infographic, too.

I put HTML code that you can copy and paste below the image to make it easy to put on your site. If you'd like a different size, please let me know and I'll make it for you.

Thank you!

~ Melanie

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Melanie,

We will have a look at your infograph to see if we can make use of it.