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Tuesday 10 April 2012

Good grief !

Not content with trying to bring down,
he promptly set about destroying his own forum !


Anonymous said...

Ken talking to xyzzy

As for you posting here.....never going to happen as we prefer a balanced view here, not your type of one sided views. We don't like mis-information here.......I feel sorry for those on DCUK with people like you taking centre stage. You will frighten off more than you ever think you might entice.......

Time to disappear into the ether Ken.

Anonymous said...

His finally lost it... unless ofcourse he is living in a different version of reality?! Was not Xyzzy's post all about a 'balanced' view?

Anonymous said...

Xyzzy's posts normally are quite balanced. This just goes to highlight Ken's abysmal debating skills. He can't answer Xyzzy's argument, so he resorts to attacking Xyzzy. These kinds of 'Ad hominem' argument are a sure sign that Ken's all out of ideas.

When Ken was in charge at these situations were easy to deal with - he'd just hit the ban button.