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Thursday 5 April 2012

Why I am 100% right !

Good grief some are saying, this son of a bitch is more up himself than we thought. Maybe, but looking at I am seeing lots of posts stating, I have reduced my weight. I have obtained non diabetic blood glucose numbers, I have cured my fatty liver, I have improved my lipid numbers, I have reduced my hypos and medication, from type ones and twos. All by lowcarbing.

My name is Eddiecus Lowcarbus Maximus, loyal servant to the true lowcarb Emperor, Fergus lowcarbus Maximus. General to the lowcarb fighters. Husband of a lowcarbing non diabetic wife, father to six lowcarbing kids, grandfather to four lowcarbing grandchildren, and I will seek my revenge in this world and the next !


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how Fergus is doing? He helped me a very nice man.

Anonymous said...

The way to go and keep on is low carbing, low carbing and low carbing ....