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Thursday 26 April 2012

How to deal with a troll !



Anonymous said...

"Four's the fllllooooooorrrrrr"

Anonymous said...

Very topical lol

Lowcarb team member said...

Billy Goat Gruff wrote:
I am not afraid of the troll. Let him try to eat me! We shall see who wins the fight!"

The three billy goats put their heads together and whispered for a long time. Finally they broke the huddle and all three of them trotted across the wide meadow to the narrow bridge that crossed the fast-flowing, deep stream in the ravine dividing their meadow and the one on the other side. Taking a deep breath for courage, Little Billy Goat Gruff stepped onto the rough wooden bridge. Trip-trap, trip-trap. His little hooves made the bridge spring up and down a little as he moved carefully forward.

A pair of huge round eyes peered out from the darkness under the bridge:
Troll wrote:
Who's that trip-trapping.... over my bridge.... ?
A big hairy arm reached out from the darkness and huge fingers gripped the rail beside Little Billy Goat Gruff.

Billy Goat Gruff wrote:
It's just me. I am the teeny-tiniest Billy Goat Gruff, all skin and bones, going over to the meadow to make myself fat on a high carb diet

Troll wrote:
Fours the floor! Fours the floor! Fours the floor!

Wham! Little Billy Goat Gruff slammed into the troll. "Fours the fllllloooooorrrrr!" screamed the troll as it was lifted clean off its feet and thrown way, way, way up into the air. The troll landed head down on the bridge, making it shake and rattle from top to bottom. Little Billy Goat Gruff stomped and tromped on the troll with his huge hooves until the troll was smashed flat on the wood boards. Then he tossed him into the raging stream with his huge horns and the troll sailed down the ravine and out of sight, never to be seen again in those parts.

And they all lived happily ever after...