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Wednesday 25 April 2012

My food Bible !

I have lost count of the times I have referred to the Worlds Healthiest Foods website, a fantastic resource of very in depth information on food. From nutrient values to the best way to cook, it is a masterpiece.

After using the free website for a couple of years, I thought it was pay back time and purchased the book from Amazon, price including postage £28. The book should be renamed ‘the worlds heaviest food book’ ! At 880 pages and close to A4 size and two inches thick in paper back, it’s one hell of a beast. 

I cannot recommend it highly enough, the book is not aimed at diabetics, or low carbers, but I believe the book will be priceless, for anyone wanting to understand what good food is all about, and the correct way to prepare and cook food, without wasting vital nutrients and flavours. In my opinion, this book is fantastic value for money, and an absolute must have for all foodies, check it out on the website below.



Anonymous said...

Whether you are a diabetic or not we should all be interested in how food affects our health. Good honest clean food home grown if you can just tastes so good. I am lucky to have a garden with a small vegetable patch and it is enjoyable to go and pick my own and then cook them. I know not everyone can be this fortunate so fresh foods from the local shop or supermarket is the next best thing. Please don't overcook vegetables they are better that little bit crisp, my taste I know but the goodness is preserved.I am sure this is an excellent book and thank you for bringing it to my/our attention. You can also pick up good recipe cards at your local supermarket, some slightly healthier and more wholesome than others but well worth looking at.


Anonymous said...

You are very fortunate to have a small garden, your own fresh vegetables must taste lovely. For me it's the next best thing my local farm shop, then my supermarket. You may be lucky to have farmers markets that visit near to where you live they are a very good source of meat, vegetables. Good wholesome fresh food you can not beat it. My bg numbers are self proof, in the 5's and very pleased.

Anonymous said...

Eddie you wrote the last comment lol

Lowcarb team member said...

"Eddie you wrote the last comment lol"

Hi Lol yes Eddie also wrote War and Peace and compiled the Encyclopedia Britannica.