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Friday 20 April 2012

Tinker Tailor Liar Troll !

Tinker Tailor Liar Troll part 1
Karla sat in her safe house and watched the sun rising over Bloomsbury Park. How had it gone so wrong she thought. Four years of planning, treachery and betrayal all for nothing. The plan was brilliant, she had planned every move down to the smallest detail. She had infiltrated the lowcarb team, destroyed Kenny boy with a cunning plan. She had praised the lowcarb team, indeed she had even left forums in support of Eddie. After a making a cup of tea and given her hobnob a good dunking, she pondered further. She realised her vicious and cowardly attack on a friend of the team had been a massive error of judgement, and was the start of her unravelling. The team had held suspicions for a long time, but now she had completely blown it. Exiled by the team, a new plan was required. Banned at the big forum, and her sock puppet trollery had take the lowcarb forum out, there was only one place left. The last bastion of the failed and disgraced, Carbo’s cess pit.

Knowing it was the hang out of the low carb anti’s she would have to work hard to win them over. She quickly realised they would accept anyone that rubbished Eddie and the team, much to her amazement they even stated they had forgiven her. Karla smiled to herself when she thought how easy Carbos crew had been taken in. Phase two of her new plan was a master stroke, get some of the anonymous ones to start posting on Carbo’s blog using their forum names. Even she had admitted to herself the plan was daring, and not foolproof, could she pull off one last big coup d’état. Within hours Phoenix, Jopar and the cherub had outed themselves. As she put the kettle on and opened her jar of kefir, she laughed out and almost screamed with pleasure, how could they have been so dumb she thought. The cherub and Jopar yes, but the member code name the intellectual, this was more than she dared hope for. The intellectual long regarded as the most slippery anti in the known world, had actually posted on Carbo’s blog. How desperate the antis must be she thought. What credibility did they have left.

While the glove puppets, Bonkers and Knobhead had been bleating on about gruesome blogs and forums on the big one, had these dullards forgotten they were the first joiners of the Kenny boys home of misinformation and self adulation. She fell into hysterical laughter when it dawned on her, she had started the destruction of Kenny boy, and there he was trolling again at the big one, the very forum Kenny boy had banned her from, during what became known as ' The Reign of Terror’ She had sowed the seeds of Kenny’s demise, but it was beyond her wildest dreams, to see he had blown out what remained of his brains yet again.

She was beside herself with joy, as she opened her favourite brand of Austrian chocolates. The big one she had infiltrated was in uproar, thread locking and post deletion was on the way back to the ‘fat ex copper that used to be a mods days’ The dullards had fell for her ‘They think they know who I am but it’s my employee’ ruse and life was looking sweet. Carbo and his miscreants were rubbishing Eddie and the team, posting lie after lie anonymously, but making mistakes she would never have made. While tucking into her second packet of hobnobs, she weighed up her options. Should she sit back and watch the mayhem, or should she bring in her special operator and arch troll and asset, Lindka Palmer, and bring about Eddie’s and the teams total destruction.

To be continued………


Household Management said...

This is Very Good blog Thanks..

Anonymous said...

My oh my you are a bit slow arn't you?
Now if you had asked one of or even all of Carbos so called gang each and everyone of us could have told you who she is and what she is.
Shame you wasted your petrol the other night lol.

Cugila said...

“…………………….. Anyway, there's plenty of duplicate accounts over there now........ask WhitbyJet ? Troublke is poor old Benedict can't work it out ? Forums never were his strong point”

Lowcarb team member said...

"My oh my you are a bit slow arn't you?
Now if you had asked one of or even all of Carbos so called gang each and everyone of us could have told you who she is and what she is.
Shame you wasted your petrol the other night lol."

Listen sunshine we have known the identity for a long time, as for wasting petrol don't be stupid who needs transport when we have the internet, anyway I use diesel lol.

Give my regards to tubolard.


Anonymous said...

So when's part 2?

Lowcarb team member said...

"So when's part 2?"

Be patient its in draft at the moment and will be published soon.