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Thursday 5 April 2012

Taubes most rabid critic spotted !

From Sid.

Quote by Eddie: Back in June 2009 he states “I still eat cereal for breakfast but only 30grams” now it’s 15 grams. Back in 2009 I was on insulin so hardly relevant, now I eat between 16g and 18g of corn flakes when I eat cerial and oddly enough in the UK Kellogs puts exactly 17g in a packet of corn flakes in their variety pack, so whats amusing there Eddie. Oh and I've never posted that I eat 15g of cereal but your used to twisting the truth and making things up aren't you? $id

My reply.

Sid I am mortified, please accept my profuse and profound apology. I am self flagellating, as I type, by way of penance. Please believe me when I say, I am not normally into Sado-Masochism. But as you like to say, we are all different. You did not say 15 grams of cereal. But you did say on the ‘make me mad thread at December 2nd, 2011, 7:57 am’ “I eat Cornflakes almost every morning, 16g measured out on my scales, that’s 13.5g of carbohydrate plus a little for the splash of semi skimmed” You have referred to 16 and 17 grams of cornflakes on other threads. Now, most of the people I know, consider cornflakes to be a cereal, I appreciate 1 gram must be the difference between life and death, when a man is on your level of daily calories, but for most people it’s neither here nor there.

Welcome to the crazy world of diabetes. Coming soon 'Diary of a forum madman'



Anonymous said...

15, 16, 17g cornflakes hardly worth crying about the difference is it, as cornflakes are one of the highest GI foods 82 on one index, would any right thinking type two diabetic even consider it as a suitable breakfast option. Thats if one could call 17g of crap a breaktast.


Anonymous said...

Sid thinks so. But Sid is one wave short of a ship wreck.

Lowcarb team member said...

Sid says:

"Have you actually read about low glycaemic index and low glycaemic load diets Stephen?"

Obviously Sid has not, cornflakes anyone!