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Sunday 8 April 2012

Ken and the Lowcarb Anti Clique and how they Operate !

I know a type two diabetic, her forum name is AliB. I got to know her on forums and via emails. She is a highly intelligent woman. She is also highly religious and a totally honest person. She is a lowcarber and received poor treatment from the NHS and did her Mother. She wrote great posts and was always very polite. She held strong views that some people found controversial. In a decent world or on a fairly run forum intelligent conversation and good debate would prevail. Let’s get one thing straight from the start. She has posted a couple of comments re diet on this blog, but not in anyway shape or form, would she condone the tactics I use re the antis. She does not support me in any way and I have not heard from her in over six months.
There can be no finer example of how the clique and vulture pack operate than the link to a diabetes thread below. As you will see, the same wreckers are there hounding other low carbers. They are of course the same people that bullied Dr. Jay Wortman off the forum last year. The same tactics are being used today that have been used for years. And the same people are doing the bullying, and this rabble have the temerity to accuse me of being a bully. I write under my real name and have offered to meet these brave anonymous cowards. They haven’t even got the courage to come to this blog and debate the issues.
I still raise a glass most nights to my friends Graham, Jay and Jimmy Moore. With their help I was instrumental in ending Kens reign. Love me or hate me, don’t try to tell me I did not do the diabetic community a massive favour in getting rid of that bullying oaf.

From Sid Bonkers some time ago on

“Carry on giving your bias free advice Sue and Ken, I'm sure 99.9% of the members here thank you for your selfless efforts to help others, many of whom are newly diagnosed and feeling very confused.”

Selfless efforts to help others. Have a look at this link to see some selfless efforts to help others. Kenny boy still attacking lowcarbers on, aided and abetted by the same band of misfits.

The rabble in action agaist AliB

Ken in action on his own forum.



Lowcarb team member said...

Summed up very nicely Eddie! I, personally, disagreed with a lot of Ali's views. However the fat ex copper's treatment of her, and others, was a total disgrace. I fear others on that forum are shaping up and sharpening the knives. I wonder who they really are? Ray

Anonymous said...

you really are funny - what about the way you have treated people - no wonder people will not leave their names - you are your cronies are total hypocrites - publish thta Eddie !

Anonymous said...

What a way to carry on. This really is a s*** world some of the time and it doesn't improve.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

you really are funny - what about the way you have treated people - no wonder people will not leave their names - you are your cronies are total hypocrites - publish thta Eddie !"

Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms anonymous rides again!

They just don't get it. Eddie and friends give their names. Except, of course, on where they would immediately be banned for speaking the truth!


Anonymous said...

Read the thread, noblehead, Sid bonkers, catherinecherub, phoenix and cugila combining to try and belittle Ali, there's one thing that stood out for me the way Ali kept her dignity despite all the nasty comments she received. The clique are shown to be the bullies yet again.


Lowcarb team member said...

AliB was a true lady. A Woman to be respected. The guttersnipes had their day. I hope they are proud of themselves.


Lowcarb team member said...

Comment from Sid on the thread
how much danger do carbohydrates do to diabetics.

"Seems that the carb wars have stated again."

He's right, in fact he was one of those on this thread that started it.


Anonymous said...

Sid Bonkers is the most disruptive element on the forum, he seems to be hell bent on getting threads locked. His comments are intended to goad the other posters in to an argument.