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Sunday 8 April 2012

You're right Cugila-You couldn't make this up!!

"You're right Cugila-You couldn't make this up!!" A quote from a member at ABC today. Oh the bitter irony !

"Cut a long story short....we fell out with the new Admin, Benedict also known as Alaska over our banning of an extremely rude Canadian member. Our decision which was not backed up and Benedict gave a grovelling apology to the Member (who hasn't been seen since but gloated in his blog about our downfall ???). We were removed as the Forum Monitors from that time. A nice thank you for all our hard work........"

Please do not feel I am calling this fine upstanding individual Cugila a liar. A man who is highly respected across the global diabetes community, a man so many aspire to, a man that must be considered upon his passing for canonisation. A true legend in what I hope will be a long life time. Praise be upon us.

The extremely rude Canadian member was Dr.Jay Wortman, a lowcarb expert and type two diabetic. He joined the forum and made various posts. In one post he stated the extremely low carb-low fat-low calorie diet that Ken and Sue were using, was not sustainable in the long term or once weight reduction to optimum had been achieved. Jay was right. From information Ken had posted he was on less than 1000 calories per day. Sue supported Ken and stated a 1000 calorie diet was once standard practise. She reiterated this statement on her forum Friday March 30th. “I have tried 'diets' all my life before I became Diabetic and the only one that ever worked was the 1,000 calorie one I was put on in the 60''s” more on this topic later.

Well, those with an attention span, and memory better than a gnat, will remember all hell broke loose. Jay was banned, posts deleted and the usual clique howled like rabid hyenas. Such was the paranoia of one individual, he suggested that Jay was a stoodge of mine, and I had put him up to disrupt the forum, and upset the font of all knowledge Ken. Nothing could be further from the truth. I had never heard of Jay until after he was banned. I only heard of the last Easter debacle, when a member,who had been too afraid to speak out on the forum, copied and pasted the posts before they were deleted, and sent me this sordid episode in an email. Ken had pulled many obnoxious stunts under his helmsmanship of the forum, but for me this was the last straw.

To cut a long story short I contacted Jay and offered him my commiserations and informed him he was one of the many lowcarbers who had been banned, or railroaded off the forum. Jay has much to keep him busy, but was surprised a diabetes forum had no use for his knowledge and the abysmal treatment he had received.

Some time after Jimmy Moore, a world renowned American blogger, and a lowcarb advocate contacted me. We made a pod cast and this was placed on Jimmy’s site which receives over 250,000 hits per month. All of this information has been placed on this blog, but least some may forget or want to know the truth, I embedded the pod cast below. After the pod cast Ken was fired as a mod within days.

To be continued.



Anonymous said...

oh no please remove this your face makes me ill

Anonymous said...

To be brutally honest, I don't really care how it happened. What's important is that Ken has actually f***ed off.

It doesn't matter if Ken decided to f*** off himself or if someone else decided that it would be best if he f***ed off and then made him f*** off.

What matters is that the job of Ken f***ing off got done. So, well done to all (including Ken) who played a part in facilitating Ken's f***ing off from

Anonymous said...

To dismiss Jay as an extremely rude Canadian is an insult and a complete lie. How dare this Cugila character make these comments.

El Cid said...

Keep on turning the screw on the clique.

Felix said...

Ken is, to put it mildly, a deluded f***** liar. Apparently one with a bad memory too.

This is what he wrote on Carbophile's blog:
"I suppose I better set the records right about Albert/Kenbert whatever.....initially that was an account that was set up for various people to slag off the new kid on the block, Benedict', otherwise known as Benny Boy and various other nicknames. Then after I left the West Mids it also became a vehicle for some mates of mine who had the log in details to post ridiculous diet ideas to wind up the avid low carbers, such as pianoman who sounds remarkably like DocZoc/David from the defunct LCF. Don't really know about that, just a hunch. The other target was the idiot and his blog lowcarbdiabetic. Well, they fell for it hook, line and wasn't me, just a bunch of pissed off mates using my old PC which I had bequeathed to one of them !! They had a deal of fun while I wasn't around and properly got up the nose of Benny Boy and some of the mods on DCUK. I told them to stop it as it was once again me that was getting the flack "

This is what he just wrote on the Forum of Doom:
"We can't have that can both Albert AND Angeleyes who had joined openly were banned.......for being duplicate accounts NOT for anything that had been said. Though how you can be a duplicate if your accout was de-activated is beyond me ??? Anyway, there's plenty of duplicate accounts over there now........ask WhitbyJet ? Troublke is poor old Benedict can't work it out ? Forums never were his strong point ! :lol: "

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the latest ravings of Ken on his forum. He is stark raving mad.

Lowcarb team member said...

"Anonymous said... oh no please remove this your face makes me ill" Another anonymous gutless wonder! One of the clique or a fellow traveler who presumably hasn't the attention span to actually listen! Ray

Anonymous said...

"Sorry Ms Steak......that Blog is firmly off limits here. Somebody might provide a link for you but I wouldn't go near it unless I was fully suited up and had masses of disinfectant. It is revolting. It's main aim seems to target us and any other individuals who like to see a balanced view on Fora about Diabetes. Something you definitely won't find in the blog."

This from the biggest liar and fool that ever posted on a diabetes forum.

Lowcarb team member said...

"Ken is, to put it mildly, a deluded f***** liar. Apparently one with a bad memory too"

Felix don't beat around the bush, If you don't like Ken just say so.