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Friday 27 April 2012

Hi to all my disciples and anonymous fellow miscreants

Hi to all my disciples and anonymous fellow miscreants. We have had a great week on the blog. As usual, zilch in the way of educating or assisting fellow diabetics, but boy, have we slagged some people off. But first a big hand to Phoenix, Jopar and Catherinecherub for having the guts to out themselves on my magnificent blog. It takes real character and courage to do that, I know, because I haven’t got the balls to do that myself. OK, everyone knows I am the old fraud Tubolard, but he was consigned to the trash can when my forum went tits up a long time ago.

As for the Three Musketeers, as the ediot calls them, a record number of anonymous bilge quality comments. What a star Phoenix is on the big forum, every time Jopar makes a complete balls of the campaign, Phoenix always comes to the rescue with a link to six mice and bloke in a shed. I agree, her links won’t convince those lowcarb evangelists, but jeez, does she confuse the newly diagnosed or what ! Never forget, our mission is to cause confusion and help our sponsors at big pharma and the junk food companies.

On the negative side, I am very disappointed to see Phoenix has removed her permanent link on her type 1.5 blog, to my wonderful blog, and Daisy’s press button link to Kenny boys Rubber Ramada has disappeared, what the bloody hell is going on ? I hate to say it, but Bonkers, Nobhead and the Cherub appear to be slacking at the moment, a little more effort please. You have done a great job in the past for the misinformation cause, but that was yesterday, get back on the case and start kicking butt.

So my old toadies, next weeks mission is to slag off with special emphasis on those lowcarb bastards. The jungle drums are telling me the ediot and the duck are becoming immune to our comment and ravings, please can we have a special effort to tell more lies and misinformation about these scum bags, that cost me, Jopar’s, SarahQ’s and Kenny boys mod jobs at the big one. BTW I have secured a special deal by way of a bulk purchase of Oribilstat, email for the best price around.

Carbo the magnificent.


Anonymous said...

Phoenix, jopar, cherub & co. have completely lost the plot, they have been that busy trying to rubbish low carb that their own low gi diet seems to have been forgotten.

Lowcarb team member said...

Jopar is logged in 24 hours a day, every day. The Phoenix posts on Carbos blog, carbsane’s blog and counts Hope Warshaws, lowcarb the old dogma, use 40 to 60% carbs per day and high meds as the way forward, as realistic in the control, of diabetes.

These carb addicted diabetics are cool with me, but why do they want to drag everyone down to their level of poor control and complications.


Anonymous said...

Good Grief and there has been a lot of it - makes for interesting reading.


Anonymous said...

Good to see more type ones low carbing on the Dcuk forum, phoenix and jopar steer clear from them, could it be they have far better control than those two?


Lowcarb team member said...

Last night on a thread entitled "Books that help so much..." on the DCUK forum phoenix made a scathinng assessment of Gary Taubes book "The Diet Delusion". For some reason she has deleted the post, but I can recall she had issues with some the references being outdated. As his book covered over a century of research thats not surprising but hey phoenix is clutching at straws in a vain attempt to discredit years of research.

Nullius in verba indeed!


Lowcarb team member said...

"use 40 to 60% carbs per day"

Come on mate phoenix would be mortified at the thought of 40% carbs she cites that amount used in some of her links to low carb studies.


Lowcarb team member said...

Check this out, another no Hope Warshaw type idiot.

"Diabetics shouldn't eliminate carbs completely, though they should limit them and choose nutritionally rich carbs (veggies, whole grains) over empty ones (sugars, refined grains), said Amy Campbell, manager of the clinical education programs at Joslin Diabetes Center, a research organization affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

Typically diabetics should aim to eat 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrates per meal, and 15 to 30 grams per snack, so that they spread their carb intake throughout the day, she said. Sometimes men and avid exercisers can handle more."


Lowcarb team member said...

Quote from jopar...

"No T1's don't have to eat carbs at every meal, I certainly don't I often partake in an omelette etc that doesn't contain carbs, due to having just a cheese or meat filling..."

Yet us T2s are supposed to have a minimum of 30g carbs with every meal! even more if you were to follow pheonix's 45 to 60% carbs guidelines for T2s...

Just a thought wonder if jopar is one of these bloody extreme low carbers...


Pot and Kettle said...

Show off Sid said blah blah!

"As for posting bg levels Ive never seen why anyone would want to anyway other than to show off, but if you feel the need to join in but dont feel comfortable posting to the "what was your BG blah blah" or the "what was your blah blah T1" then simply start your own thread and call it "What was you BG blah blah everyone else"."

In Sids signature "Latest HbA1c Feb. 2012 - 5.4%"

Blah blah show off blah blah!

Pot and Kettle

Lowcarb team member said...

The clique are a strange lot aren’t they, I don’t think they know what day it is sometimes. I think all but the thick or new members, have all seen through them, and they are no more than a minor irritation these days.

The lowcarb good news mounts by the hour, and the antis look a bunch of idiots. Still, they have always got Carbo’s cess pit to lie and whinge.