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Monday 9 April 2012

Chapter Two Preparations and mind set for war.

Conflict is essential to the development and growth of man and society. It leads either to the construction or destruction of an entire group or state. As a leader of men, you should understand this concept without question. Sun Tzu - The Art of War.

Chapter Two Preparations and mind set for war
The true lowcarb anti and assassin must be totally ruthless at all times. Compassion and empathy for those less fortunate must never enter into your thinking. The fact that you have knowledge, experience, test strips, insulin and a pump are of no consequence. Your mission is get as many people on the maximum amount of big pharma drugs and eat the same junk you consume. Failure to remember your basic dogmatic mantra can be fatal on the field of battle. Always remember, the continuance and escalation of the gruesome NHS statistics is of paramount importance and must never be forgotten.
War often makes strange bed fellows, but all assets must be fully utilised to your best advantage. A huge advantage can obtained by having a forum moderator in your camp. Other than the hidden time bomb of the NHS and DUK diets, a bent mod can be worth a thousand foot solders. Never pass up the opportunity of employing a dietition. They know nothing of any use to the average diabetic, but as a diversion tactic and spreader of misinformation, they are second to none.

The successful lowcarb assassin must prepare thoroughly, or the battle can be lost before it has started. Amass as much ammunition in the form of links to anti low carb and the vilification of good fats as possible. These links can be particularly useful when the battle appears to going against your army. The fact that the links are years out of date, or conducted by a bloke in a shed, with four rats is not important. They will often slow down your enemy, giving time to alert the bent mod, or mount a flanking or rear-guard manoeuvre.



Anonymous said...

Is there something wrong with you - war!?

Lowcarb team member said...

"Is there something wrong with you - war!?"

Yes it's war for me. What do you call a situation when people are being blinded, having amputations, and dying at a level that exceeds all current wars.

What do you call it when morons spread fear to people who could have a long life without complications because they are slaves to carbs and drugs, and want to take people down with them, yes war is what's going on and the NHS stats prove diabetics are losing !