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Saturday 15 February 2014

At The Flog The Big Game Continues !

Over at the Flog arch super troll codename Karla continues her greatest performance to date, her magnum opus of deception. Last night her real name was posted, did panic set in? Karla the worlds most unlucky person, who was mugged and left for dead on a London Street, almost killed in the New Zealand earthquake, suffered terminal kidney failure, you name it she has had it, all untrue, but still the game goes on. The craving for sympathy never ends.

Karla loves the little jokes, such as placing your name on revenge man sites telling lies and sending emails to your friends and family with a link. Beware of clickable links that open your email accounts. She knows all the tricks. The forum PM system is her favourite hunting ground for the easily lead and vulnerable, wheedling into their private lives, and causing trouble. When they realise what she is up to, and issue her the big exit visa, beware. Karla must never be ignored, rejection is met with furious anger and retribution.

Never mind, a new persona can be set up and the game can re-commence at a later time. Karla knows her way around proxy servers and untraceable IP addresses. A master of disguise and oh so patient, the set up can take months, even years, it all adds to the great game. The more the elaborate and more incredible the story, the greater the excitement, the game continues.



Anonymous said...

I am waiting for the miracle doctor/miracle cure for organ failure as it has to be soon. People will begin to get suspicious now that the time is getting longer.

Anonymous said...

Yes the story is being formed at this moment. At a fortuitous hospital appointment next week.

Anonymous said...

I find the thread utterly sickening, one of the worst pieces of crap I have ever read. I wish I was tough enough to make a public comment. The final straw for me was the supposed loss of pain killers etc during the "house move"!! My partner was terminally and very painfully ill, relied heavily on a cocktail of analgesia which never left his side and I also carried a back up supply. It bothers me that people are taken in by this appalling creature who trades on the goodwill and sympathy of others, but I can't help wondering how many of them are actually just another of his/her personas ?

Anonymous said...

Going abroad for treatment or have they found a hospital in the UK that fixes organ failure? Is kman going to the Vatican for the miracle?

I think some people on DCUK are getting suspicious after heaping sympathy on kman. There are plenty of forum members who saw through this poster at the beginning and did not give the thread any time at all.

Kman relies on the gullible and there are plenty of them on DCUK.

Lowcarb team member said...

We know who this person is, very well known for this sort of garbage. Who would be terminally ill and post complete rubbish 24/7. Most of the backup is from the same person or other trolls.

Obviously the mods are too thick to notice or do not care what gets posted. Sorry for your loss. Maybe Karma will catch up with this mindless idiot.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Eddie, it was a few years ago but the final year remains etched on my mind and I am furious that some lying, conniving little toe rag purports to be in a similar position. However, no doubt this creature reads your blog so I won't do "it" the undeserved favour of yet more publicity. Take care ;)

Anonymous said...

"how many of them are actually just another of his/her personas ? "

Indeed. The other sickening thought is why DCUK allow this to continue. The page views may have something to do with it. While other more interesting and informative threads get locked this is allowed to continue.Yet another signal that it is money that talks not the health of diabetics.Page views count and money pours in the health of diabetics are a secondary issue.

Lowcarb team member said...

I wonder what happened to:

Karen AKA Chocfish AKA WhitbyJet AKA ....?

Oh yes that's right


xyzzy said...

Thanks Eddie for sharing all your info when we started up ETYM. When combined with what we had picked up about her when Pneu was a mod at DCUK it really is a shocker.

I must admit I still wasn't 100% convinced until this person very nearly took in a close friend of mine. Now I have no doubts as I've seen the PM's she sent them. I find it unbelievable that DCUK allow it to continue. Her activities have gone on for years under numerous forum names. Perhaps DCUK fear some kind of legal action if they admit they have let this predator prey on the vulnerable for so long.

The modern word for what she does is grooming imo.

Take care Steve

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Steve

As you say it has gone on for years, so many threads locked but this rubbish has received close on 34.000 views and 611 comments.

This psychotic oaf will be squeezing melons for a long time.

I wonder what she will return as next time. St.Teresa