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Monday 17 February 2014

DCUK a very poorly run forum UK diabetics deserve far more !

If the DCUK forum was a small forum with only a few hundred members, with only a dozen or so active posters it would be irrelevant. DCUK is the largest forum in the UK and as such how the forum is run is extremely important. The moderators clearly cannot control the place, and when they show up very spasmodically, it is to play the words games, post up a cut and paste newbie information post, lock a thread, or join in with the general banter. Their knowledge of controlling diabetes appears to be minimal.

The management whose names appear these days regularly in the Staff On Line feature (I once counted seven names logged in) appear to do nothing other than Giverny. Clearly the forum is awash with trolls, posting complete rubbish hour after hour, day after day, yet nothing is done. In fact the situation can get worse with Mods engaging in and almost encouraging trouble making idiots. If the owners have any interest in the site other than financial, I can’t see it. UK diabetics deserve better, they deserve a forum run by knowledgeable and experienced moderators, who are backed up by good management, not the complete shambles the forum has become.

I can remember when the forum had moderators who knew how to control not only diabetes, but also the forum. People such as Dr. Katharine Morrison, Fergus and Dennis, those mods would not have allowed the lunacy we have seen recently for five minutes, let alone months. Good sound knowledgeable posters are leaving the forum faster than new members can be recruited, the forum is going backwards.

How long will this travesty and at times Danse Macabre be allowed to continue. I say again, UK diabetics deserve more.


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Anonymous said...

I see Kman AKA numerous forum names is still grooming members by the pm system.