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Sunday 16 February 2014

DCUK Not all bullshit and amature dramatics !

"Personally I found it very easy to lose weight on LCHF - I've lost about 14kg, or over 2 stone, which is what I needed to lose. I think calling it "high fat" is a bit misleading - you don't have to actively seek out and eat lots of fat! Just change from low fat products to using good fats - such as butter, olive oil etc. I don't eat any bread, potatoes pasta pastry etc - only the odd slice of LivLife low carb bread once or twice a week - so what can you put butter on? A knob on my veg, a bit to fry my mushrooms for breakfast -but hardly high fat. Most ready made low fat products have added sugar or sweeteners to compensate for the taste that lost when fat is taken out. 

Do you have a meter so you can check your BG readings before and after meals and find out exactly what suits you best - we are all different in our reactions to different foods and the amount of carbs we can tolerate.

Oh, and you never need to feel hungry on LCHF, a big bonus I found!

Good luck. Anne"

As always the good news is Low carb high fat. It was ever thus !


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