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Wednesday 19 February 2014

DCUK Quote of the day !

"Trouble is, I don't think they really are - that's how so many young people get 'groomed' on forums and chat rooms. The trouble is with forums like this one, there are many genuinely vulnerable people on them and the PM system is a groomer's paradise. You should definitely be suspicious of any thread that is being conducted ostensibly in public, but with a heavy undertone of lots of PM activity. The references to PM'd messages are clearly to make individuals feel that they are personally-involved and have a 'relationship' with the person involved.

We all occasionally say to someone 'I'll PM you' or 'PM me if you want to', but threads that are littered with references to PM chains with individuals are almost always suspect."


"C'mon guys, this stuff should be discussed via PM, not on the open forum. If you want to have silly arguments with one another, please do it in the private."

Giverny forum manager.

Can you believe it, playing right into the hands of the arch troll and meddler into peoples private lives. Ya couldn't make it up !



Anonymous said...

The problem is the management at DCUK have let this get out of hand. Anyone with any sense could see what was happening.

Now the situation goes from bad to worse. Giverny is as you say playing into the hands of someone who certainly likes to pm people, as had been seen in the threads and posting.

The management are clearly out of control, they do not know how this situation should be handled.

Anonymous said...

Giverny is online trying to update the forum and the Mods have to bear some of the responsibility. They do nothing.
Were they all so gullible as not to see what was going on? If the answer is yes then they need replacing very quickly. It really would be nice to see some new Mods who take an interest in the forum and are impartial.