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Monday 24 February 2014

DCUK Phoenix the drug shill carb Queen livid over low carb good news !

Over at DCUK a Southport GP has been posting about a small trial involving a low carb diet for diabetics. His post you see below. As expected some low carb members posted in support and encouragement. With the abysmal lack of progress the NHS and DUK as published each year, (illustrated in John's post yesterday) any news is good news, especially as us low carbers know, a drastic change of dietary recommendations, is the only way to bring about improvement in long term control of blood glucose numbers.

Not all the comments were positive. Long term low carb anti and high carb, high med, Hope Warshaw acolyte, Phoenix made her usual negative contribution. Although Phoenix is on insulin and a pump and therefore does not require type two medication (many drugs have serious side effects and some banned) she pushes a diet that leads to escalated drug use for many. Take note of misleading information to a newbie or poorly informed diabetic regarding broccoli.

Southport GP

"Definite progress; a study trialling the low carb diet for diabetic control has made it to the London finals in May of this year Not something that would have been expected a year ago. Starch is concentrated sugar - bread has a higher glycemic index than table sugar itself. Last year a study in the same journal showed a direct relationship between rice consumption and incidence of type two diabetes."

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"Surely people eat foods, not carbs or fats or proteins ( a lot of my daily protein comes from the 'starchy' carb called oats that I eat in the morning). A mixture of foods contains a mixture of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

Broccoli is mostly carbohydrate, but contains a bit of fat and a bit more protein, it also contains lots of different vitamins associated with it Foods with higher carbohydrate amounts such as whole grains also have a varied nutrient profiles Some fats have vitamins/minerals associated with them, some are just as empty in vitamins and minerals as sugar."

I have referred to Phoenix in the past as the 'slippery one', always stalking about the forum spreading fear and misinformation, but with some degree of stealth. I have also called her the 'intellectual' I considered her bright until recently. Yesterday she blew it, you can feel the disappointment in her post that some good news was posted by a Healthcare professional, but the bullshit about broccoli was a very desperate measure.

Some facts about broccoli, florets boiled 1.1 grams of carb per 100 grams Collins Gem Calorie counter. broccoli contains almost 5 times as much vitamin C as potato, broccoli contains 8 times as much calcium as potato, broccoli contains almost 2.5 as much dietary fibre as potato. The fat information was clearly made to mislead and cause confusion. But that's Phoenix for you. Rarely has time to help a pump user or type one, but never stops meddling in low carb or type two diabetic posts. What a way to spend your time eh, kicking a method that for so many diabetics has been highly successful, and promoting a diet that can only lead to more drugs for most. What guilt or warped motivation drives her on ?  



Anonymous said...

That woman is so misleading!

Yes, suspect carbs and fibre are the main ingredient. That is, of course after you allow for around 93% of broccoli being water!!

Does she eat dehydrated brocccoli?


Galina L. said...

People eat foods, indeed. It is even more than minding the combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for each food item. It is important how your choices affect your food habits in general. Eating broccoli on the side of your chicken or meat usually means that the composition of your whole meal is shifted toward the higher fat and protein content. My guess the importance of broccoli is mostly in he fact that is used instead of rice, potatoes or other carby food, not in the calcium content. Actually, veggies are poor sources of nutrients, but good fat carriers. If you get a lot of proteins from your oats, it means you consumed a lot of carbohydrates to get your proteins.

Beachbag said...

Low carb, a great source of Vit K, Vit A and Vit C, folic acid, calcium and fibre, broccoli is one of my most favourite much so, I was moved to pen the following ode in personal praise.

(With apologies to Wordsworth, Shakespeare et al and those of a sensitive disposition)....
Broccoli, dear broccoli, beloved of my heart.
It fills my tummy to the top, and doesn't make me fart......unlike sprouts!

Lowcarb team member said...

Poetry in motion said...
Broccoli, dear broccoli, beloved of my heart.
It fills my tummy to the top, and doesn't make me fart......unlike sprouts!

To much information for one of my delicate dispsosition Geri!

Flatulently yours (ate sprouts tonight)


Anonymous said...

Well I never since you posted this phoenix has been far more active on the type one forums!!!