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Wednesday 26 February 2014

Diabetes UK national conference to have low carb debate !

"I notice there is an exciting debate at the Diabetes UK conference at Liverpool this year- on the Wednesday afternoon (May 5th); Correction the date should be March 5th.
- its called 'Its Time to stop promoting carbohydrates to people with diabetes'.
With well known dieticians to speak both for and against the motion it should be very exciting and push this important debate into the light a bit.
I have bought my ticket!!"

Southport GP at DCUK


They are only allowed 60  minutes for the debate. 
Dietetics debate: “it’s time to 
stop promoting 
carbohydrates to people with 
14.30 For 
14.50 Against 
15.10 Opportunity for 
speakers to comment on 
opposing viewpoint 
15.20 Questions and vote 
from audience 



Anonymous said...

Sounds encouraging. Does anyone know who the dieticians will be?

Lowcarb team member said...

Not at this stage. It will be very interesting to see who opposes the idea and wants to stay with the diet of slow death.

Will the dietitians who want no changes made be on the payroll of junk food and big pharma ?

Interesting time ahead.


Anonymous said...

"Interesting time ahead" couldn't have said it better myself.


Beachbag said...

GP had corrected the date. It's next Wednesday 5th March, not 5th May.

Lowcarb team member said...

Updated thanks Geri.


Beachbag said...

"Updated thanks Geri"

You're welcome Graham :)

Geri :)

Lynda said...

The New Zealand Low Carb seminar that we attended last Friday resoundingly came to the conclusion that diabetics should eat low carb. This was from top professors, doctors, a microbiologist and one of the top laboratory specialists in Australia. It was wonderful to sit in a room with so many sane people!