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Tuesday 25 February 2014

Unilever launches with Guardian Newspaper huge new Black OPs propaganda outfit. Junk food bullshit goes to a new high !

"Guardian News and Media (GNM) today officially launches Guardian Labs - its branded content and innovation agency - which offers brands bold and compelling new ways to tell their stories and engage with influential Guardian audiences.
The official launch of the new commercial proposition is marked by the announcement of a pioneering seven-figure partnership with Unilever, centred on the shared values of sustainable living and open storytelling.
Guardian Labs is built around the unique philosophy of Open Ideas that reflects the Open Journalism proposition of the Guardian as a whole. At its heart is a collaborative and participative approach to developing brand stories that resonate amongst the highly engaged communities across all the Guardian platforms.
Guardian Labs co-creates bespoke ideas, content and products with a 133-strong team, including creatives, strategists, designers, video and content specialists working with the Guardian's award-winning editorial, multi media, digital development and marketing divisions."
Just as Unilever and other major junk food makers start coming under the cosh, a new Black OPs propaganda outfit comes together. Their aim "shared values of sustainable living and open storytelling" I expect there will be one hell of a lot of "storytelling" The sort of story telling I call total bullshit. So, my old low carb and paleo friends, the big boys realise the gig is up, and are throwing huge sums of money into propaganda to keep the gravy trail going. A "133 strong team", a 1033 strong team will never convince me junk food is healthy and that a fresh whole foods approach is not the way to go. Problem for Unilever and the like is they don't do whole fresh foods. I'm gutted for them. Maybe they should concentrate on soap and washing powder.
Full story here.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the newspaper industry is struggling but this is such a shame. The Guardian has a loyal base following but a lot will see this as a sell out.

The hold that big food companies and big pharmaceutical companies has increases more each day.