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Friday 21 February 2014

DCUK Kman the sick charade continues !

"Dear Hannah Loiuse, Welcome, to the Forum, this Certainly is your Lucky Day !?! 

Here you will find the Worst, the Best, and everyone in between, 

You'll find many you Love, and a few You'll Hate, 

The Advice, Experience, and Knowledge are Second to None,

Be careful, and Check all advice and info with our Doctor, or Diabetes Team, 

Ask any Question you want, Share our own experiences, 

As for feeling alone, Everone here, at one time or another as felt Alone to one extent or another, 

Diabetes is often a Shock, Alwas a Challenge, and Never ever easy, 

But don't be scared, 

Yes other people get scared of your New Needs, few understand, and the back off, 

You have to gently, and slowly educate them, look for those who already know to help with mutual friends, 

Keep coming here, keep asking questions, keep looking into the desease your saddled with, theres only around 800,000 of us are members here ! 

Soon the whole world will know how tough it is, but how the don't need to worry around you, 

OK maybe not the whole world, but your newly educated inner cicle will, 

This place is for me, one of the BEST Websites in the world, 

And here I've met some of my closest and dearest friends, 

You wont always feel this way, and you'll learn to control both you Diabetes, and the Attitude of those closet to you, 

Best Regards. 

Love and. Hugs. 

Kevin and Wendie


As one head is cut off, another appears. When will the beast be slain ? When will the management at DCUK grow a pair and rid the forum of this obvious troll and wind up artist ?



Anonymous said...

Requote from yesterday

"Does the soap opera continue? The soap opera that is the inter-web?

It can be better than Eastenders sometimes, the unfortunate thing is this is real life and you need to be able to tell the difference.

There are those that help others like this blog, there are some who do not.

We need to be savvy, keep sharp.

More to come?

20 February 2014 22:44"

More to come? Unfortunately yes.

Anonymous said...

Sadly also a few more suspicious posters over past couple of weeks. Keep a close watch.
More aliases than an M15 spy remember.
Black Ops better be vigilant!

Anonymous said...

Hannah Louise hasn't posted since October 2012 - I suppose it might be the effect of the morphine to be fair......

Lowcarb team member said...

"Hannah Louise hasn't posted since October 2012"

Perhaps she has a crystal ball and looked into the future in Oct 2012 !


Anonymous said...

Pass the sick bucket please.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else get the impression that kman is now talking to himself in a very literal sense?

sokala said...

I am!

Love your work team.

Anonymous said...

"kman is now talking to himself in a very literal sense? "

Keep well away.

Anonymous said...

New avatar has appeared, is it him?

Anonymous said...

Anyone told Kman about ETYM? He could take over there where Shane left off and get the post count moving.