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Saturday 15 February 2014

Lizzy Arnold and Jenny Jones - Two Rays of Sunshine in Sochi !

Well Saturday is here and it‘s raining again, I seem to recall Thursday was a sunnier day, but all I can remember recently is rain and more rain. We are fortunate where we live, yes, it has been very wet but we are not in the position of those with homes flooded in the Thames Valley, Somerset levels, plus many other places. The coastline has been very badly battered and your heart goes out to people who can not stay in their own homes. From watching news items, the great community spirit has seen so many through. We have Doctors whose surgeries have been flooded out, and have improvised surgeries in pubs! Power to the ordinary people who do have a wonderful fighting spirit, which listening to the weather forecast, this fighting spirit will need to remain with them for quite a while longer.

The world’s weather seems to be quite mixed up at the moment, and all talk is about the jet stream. Is it down to climate change, is it just nature reminding us what a strong force it can be - I don’t know and even the so called experts can’t agree.  

Saturday Sport, if you’re a keen follower, will no doubt be mixed up and messed up, with matches cancelled, race meetings abandoned, umpires having to look at flooded pitches. One big sporting event which should not be affected is of course the Winter Olympics. Now to be quite honest, I haven’t been following it too closely. However, I do know that at time of typing this, Team GB have won two medals … a Bronze by Jenny Jones in the snowboard slope style, and a Gold by woman’s skeleton ‘whiz’ Lizzy Yarnold, both fantastic achievements. Both they, their family and friends, coaches etc must be very proud of them. So definitely a cheer from me too. Although, I did not watch their achievements, the least I could do is to put a picture of both girls here on the blog. Who knows in the days to come Team GB could well be celebrating more medals, do hope so.

Well I’m off to put my ski’s on .. Err no I think not .. it will be Wellington boots, or Chris Brashers Walking Boots at least … they are so comfortable … and just what I need to tackle the shops on a Saturday afternoon …. in the rain.

I saw some very nice pork medallions in the supermarket earlier in the week, and if they still have some they might just be on tonight’s menu, served with some great vegetables … just the ticket … and as Eddie might say who says this low carb high fat lifestyle is hard or boring IT’S JUST GREAT FOOD.

Enjoy your Saturday and it’s music night tonight …….. Can’t wait.

All the best Jan

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Anonymous said...

Well done to these two and best luck for our other competitors.

Pork medallions should be tasty.