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Sunday 16 February 2014

Have you ever noticed how negative low carb antis and paleo kickers are?

You must have, you know always telling us low carb is dangerous or does not work or cannot be kept to long term. Of course these people never have any answers for a better way to control diabetes, weight problems and many other health issues that a big reduction in sugar and starch can achieve.

Why are they so negative about our diets or lifestyle? I reckon these people are negative about just about everything, it’s not just low carb. These are the glass is always half empty merchants, life has given them a bad deal, they think it probably won’t work, you get the picture. We need safe, boring, dullards in this world, they make it tick over day after day, but how far would we have gone, if everyone had that sort of attitude? not very far I reckon.

I wonder how many people told the Wright Brothers it would never fly,  or Stephenson his train was a joke and the horse and cart was here to stay. IBM once told Bill Gates there was no market for small computers. At the time IBM was seen as the absolute pinnacle of a sound and forward thinking business. Getting my drift, it’s the optimists and risk takers that win, they are the people who change the world. Sure they often lose, and sometimes lose big, but these people take losing and failure as a huge learning experience. If it did not work WHY? find the reason and sort it.

It’s the same with diabetes control. Some accept the word of their Doctors and many never see safe BG numbers on their meters (the NHS stats prove this) and others think why? many carry on taking medication and plod on like old donkeys, thinking the Doc knows best.Others think, there must be an answer to this, because the recommended diet and the drugs ain’t working. These people are searchers, experience and a positive attitude drives them on, they do not accept with blind faith everything they are told. These people know there is an answer out there and they go looking for it.

Seek and ye shall find ! and they do find. They land on a website, forum or blog, and get hit between the eyes by a diamond bullet. Someone with no medical qualifications, no University degree, just an ordinary person, is stating the exact opposite to what all the learned Professors and Medical professionals are saying. You realise it makes so much sense, it’s such a pure solution to the problem, it is logic personified, stop eating the foods that are making you ill.

You give it a try, what have you got to lose? The bloke on the blog is showing all sorts of great food recipes and food ideas, he is not trying to sell you anything, not even a book. No snake oil or magic potions.The bloke and his friends have over 200 years of low carb high fat between them, and it works a treat. Dare you take the risk, should you take that leap of faith? Then you realise there is no risk, your blood glucose meter, your blood tests, your weighing scales and tape measure will confirm what the bloke says, and then you ask yourself, could it be true, could some risk taker and chancer on a blog, have the answer. You will never know until you try.



Lisa said...

Yes, I have received negative and ignorant comments from my own family regarding our low carb paleo diet. When I talk about what we eat, they can get very defensive, even though I am taking about me and not them. I think the negative reaction stems from the thought in the back of their mind that what I eat is actually healthy and they don't want me to be right because then they would have to change their lifestyle and diet. So, it easier to try and make me look the fool for eating low carb.

Lowcarb team member said...

Reaction is always mixed, and frequently heated !!

For those with diabetes their meter tells them the success that eating a reduced carb, higher fat and moderate protein lifestyle can bring.

We all have to take account of any other underlying health issues, we all have to do what we think is best for us and our family.

Many thanks for your comment

All the best Jan