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Friday 14 February 2014

Sub-standard workmanship !

There is nothing worse than sub standard workmanship. Doesn’t it annoy you.

Well, I experienced some of that yesterday - and guess who was to blame ? …… Eddie !

I’d had a very busy day taking bookings for our photography work, sorting out paperwork, emails etc. Eddie, as usual, was spending way too much time on various blogs, including ours … Fair do’s I thought … so I asked him to wash up a few dishes, which he did BUT when I went to put them away, talk about sub standard workmanship! Grease was still on the dishes from our lovely low carb sausages,  eggs and mushrooms breakfast, Honestly MEN !!

In fairness he makes a great job of looking after my car for me.

In all seriousness we do share our work load … which is what it’s all about BUT hey if I iron a shirt to perfection then the washing up should be the same, don’t you think?

Anyway dinner last night was some lovely fish with spinach, broccoli and cabbage….. And guess who did the washing up?

They do look suspiciously like my gloves in the picture - but that's not me in it - image courtesy of google.

All the best Jan


tess said...

I can relate, Jan! I almost feel guilty, pointing out unclean dishes in the cupboard, ... but as our grandmothers used to say, a job worth doing is worth doing WELL! ;-)

Lowcarb team member said...

Yes, Tess ....I can remember my Gran saying that as well.

I have a theory - is a sub standard job done on purpose, resulting in us deciding to do it ourselves? LOL

All the best Jan

tess said...

:-) Bill Cosby, in his "chocolate cake for breakfast" routine, suggested that the hypothesis is true!