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Tuesday 25 February 2014

The low carb good news never stops !

"I was having plenty of hypos, often on a daily basis. This was while I was on a high carb diet. I could never get the balance right, and had a permanent season ticket on the diabetic roller coaster. Since changing to low carb, I am having a fraction of the hypos I was, and the ones I have had I can easily explain. for instance, a couple of weeks ago my blood sugars were 9.4. I wanted to lower them, so I gave myself 3 units of lispro. I forgot, and repeated the dose 5 minutes later. When I felt weird two hours later and my blood sugars were 1.8, I immediately knew why. My low carb diet has helped me in so many ways, but my brute stupidity has not cleared up yet."

Charles Robin Type one diabetic posting at DCUK on 'advice for going low carb' thread.

Low carbing not just for type two diabetics.


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