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Monday 17 February 2014

Kman's Danse Macabre continues !

No effort is spared to make sure Kman's terminal thread is on the front page of the forum day and night. 

"Only last night i posted that i feared my end was now very very close, who knows when my next Deterioration might be, or how bad an episode it may be, the max 2 years i should have, Is now a very very difficult target to acheive, 

I am DYING, as said many times before, There is no REPREIVE, no MIRACLE, wbatever your beliefs, in my case I believe GOD has a plan, and that includes me not having a LONG life here on earth, and thats OK, I'm cool about it, Wendie and I. have both come to terms with it, 

I worry, a Lot, about Wendie and. Dayne, and AFTER i do pass, I have arranged for them too POST so that you will all know,, I'm. Asking now for the same LOVE, EMPATHY, and of course. SUPPORT you've all given me, to be given to them too"

Jesus Christ is Kman setting us up for two more years of this crap, and when he finally croaks the lovely Wendie will speak his words from the grave via a medium ?



Anonymous said...

The only way to get rid of him is to ban him from the forum and tell posters that it was a hoax. Very difficult thing to do and who is brave enough to do it?

Anonymous said...

This is funny

A P A R T from Kman taking in the gullible.

What are those on D-C-U-K DOING?


Lowcarb team member said...

"What are those on D-C-U-K DOING?"

Nothing they could not run a whelk stall, and don't give a monkeys toss for diabetics as they have clearly demonstrated so many times.

Money is all they are interested in.


Anonymous said...

You've got a 20 year old in charge who believes in free speech, low key moderation and very little else.

DCUK are interested in making money not the forum and so it goes on.

People of different diabetes management can rub along together if moderation exists and people accept that there are ways to control that may be different from theirs, it is not a low carb or a high carb forum but it is a forum drowning in rubbish posts.

Anonymous said...

You've got Type 1s telling Type 2s the answers to their queries, take note Mo, and then you have Type 2s telling Type1s the answers.
You've got people asking questions that could get an answer by using the search facility but no, they want pages and pages of the same old crap. Can I eat porridge, how to get a meter, what to have for breakfast, it goes on and on
Then you've got Kman.

What the forum could be and what it is are two different things. People are slowly distancing themselves as you can see. People who used to post don't bother now. Some are there to power post, some are there to argue. It takes all sorts and DCUK is a fine example of a mess.

I will exist because newbies come along expecting great things but it needs change and quickly.

The next set of Mods will come along thinking they can change things but history has proved that people who think they will make a good Moderator are only stroking their own egos.

Lowcarb team member said...

Oh no! Is this some kind of Biblical "The sins (posts) of the fathers (mothers?) shall be visited upon the sons".