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Tuesday 8 April 2014

Channel 4 The truth about low fat food

Anyone watch this program last night ? I have to admit I nodded off about 15 minutes into this boring dross. Surprise, surprise, the low fat junk was full of sugar, ridiculous amounts in some cases. The low fat junk had up to 50% more fat in, than was stated on the packaging. So, what did we learn ? F**k all!

The bottom line is, junk food is junk food, full stop. Overpriced and about as much use as a rubber beak on a woodpecker. It came as no surprise food manufacturers lie, and the nutrient information on the packaging cannot be trusted.

A few years ago, the all powerful EU government pushed for a new system to be put in place, regarding the information on food packaging. The big junk food outfits spent 800 million euros on a campaign to kick that idea into touch. The last thing the junk pushers want, is the victim err customer knowing the truth about the filth they are consuming. Most of this junk really is a failed science experiment, and in an honest world, should not be described as food. It's a sort of goo, that keeps the masses working away in the shops, offices and what factories we have left, in this rapidly declining corruption riddled asylum we call the UK.

The remedy is simple, avoid as much as possible anything in a packet, box, tin etc. Buy fresh meat and fish, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and learn how to cook. OK if the boffins get there way we will soon be eating a lot of GM crap and I hear the fish is full of mercury and nuclear shite from Fukushima, but you know what I mean.


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