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Friday 11 April 2014

Halle Berry's low carb Diet

Over the years I have pulled all sorts of stunts to get people to read this blog. Some have worked and some have failed, but using sex never crossed my mind, until last night. OK I know ad men use sex to flog just about everything, from shampoo to cars, but a diabetes blog, would that work ? The answer is a resounding YES. Graham's post went ballistic last night, I have never seen so many page views in the first few hours of a post going up. So, the way forward is more sex, but with a bit more class than Graham's tacky contribution. What men see in Kim is beyond me, ha ha.

Here is a very beautiful woman, with talent, class, and the brains to know a low carb diet is the best way to go for a diabetic.

"Halle Berry is one of the fittest celebrities in Hollywood, and most of us are extremely curious about how she maintains her weight in accordance to her skinny frame. Although she is known to be a fitness fanatic, Halle Berry does not believe in overworking herself to death at the gym. It is a well-known fact that Halle Berry has diabetes, so she follows a diet that keeps her diabetes in check. She believes in the low sugar and low carb diet and follows it religiously. Halle Berry's diet is the 'Five Factor Diet', which focuses on having five simple meals every day. Her workouts are limited and reasonable. Here are the details of Halle Berry's diet which keeps her fit and healthy."

Check out Halle's sort of food and meals here.



Mo said...

This blog is getting saucy lately :-)
I've read last 2 posts with interest !
Keep up the good fight Vader :-)

Anonymous said...

Reading the sad news about Sue Townsend this morning and how she didn't control her diabetes.
It is great to see this article about Halle and the fact that she follows a diet that keeps her diabetes in check. She believes in the low sugar and low carb diet and follows it religiously.
Come on everyone with diabetes let us all take control as Eddie would say 'you know it makes sense why fight it' Hope I've got the quote right?


tess said...

now, THERE is a lovely lady!

Lowcarb team member said...

"now, THERE is a lovely lady!"

agree with you Tess ..and she is sensible with her diabetes control.


Hi Kay, yes you're right in your quote ...and it makes sense to us all who follow LCHF


Hi Mo, Yes,Eddie and the team will certainly keep up the good fight

Thanks for your comments, they are all appreciated.

All the best Jan

Unknown said...

Staring at Hallie Berry photo - hummna hummna hummna hummna !

Anonymous said...

Your earlier commentor is a man after my own heart. I also said hummna hummna hummna hummna !

Tanya said...

Sex sells! If it directs people to the blog and informs people more about diabetes then there is definitely no harm in that :). Halle rocks!