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Thursday 10 April 2014

DCUK Champs and chumps awards.

This weeks star post and Trophy winner is Zazoopits

"I went to my GP for a blood test for another problem and while i was there asked him to check my blood sugar - I have PCOS so it's always something that has worried me. Two years ago they were 4.3 which is fine. The result this time was 12.8 and I was told I was diabetic type 2. They did another GTT and that came back 26.3 - not to say I was terrified, from going from safe levels a few years back to quite high knocked me sideways. My Gp wanted to start me on Metformin right away but I asked to wait and I would try to diet a bit and change my lifestyle.

I saw the dietician who told me just to swap brown bread for white etc, keep on eating my carbs at every meal and have dessert if I wanted. She told me not to look on the internet as her's was the only advice I should be taking. I thought this was nuts and found which I credit with saving my life! After reading about low carbing and the effect that carbohydrates have on the body, I immediately started cutting out bread, potatoes, rice, pulses and ate plenty salads, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, cream, butter and a wee bit of dark chocolate. I had a test yesterday and my levels have dropped to 6.2!!!!!"

This weeks Golden Gezza goes to michaeldavid

"When it comes to communication, clarity of expression is sometimes quite important.

Everyone has their own way of writing, of course. And I don't like to be picky. But it's difficult not to notice some questionable spelling on some of the headings of the threads published on this forum.

And I make this posting just to see if I'm able subsequently to correct it."

The Sun


Anonymous said...

It's a social media site now. No more in depth discussions, more like cakes and commiserations.
The Grammar Nazi has created a thread that will go on and on. People cannot seem to ignore this pedantic even though he has nothing useful to contribute. You can see why the numbers of posters are dwindling as diabetes comes further down the list every day.

Unknown said...

Michael David is a very worrying person. I think he admitted to being on the autism spectrum and there appears to be some very ritualistic, even OCD-like, aspects to his Type 1 management. But the thread where he's saying he gets 2's and doesn't feel hypo is very, very concerning :-(