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Wednesday 9 April 2014

Diabetes UK the largest diabetes charity in the UK still pushing the diet of death !

Over at the news section at Diabetes UK the UK's largest diabetes charity report on a debate recently held called. "Is it time to stop promoting carbohydrates to people with diabetes"

"The Diabetes Professional Conference earlier this month included a debate on whether it is time to stop promoting carbohydrates to people with diabetes. Because we get so many questions and carbohydrates from people with diabetes, we asked the two debaters to summarise their argument."

So, one expert for stopping the promotion of carbs for diabetics, and one expert promoting carbs for diabetics. The diet I call the diet of slow death. Well, DUK give a breakdown of the main points discussed, followed by Tracy Kelly Head of Care for Diabetes UK who said.

"The carbohydrate debate remains topical and can be quite confusing for both people with diabetes and the general public when all people want to know is what they should be eating and what will keep them healthy - or healthier. We should be careful that we don’t get stuck on the words “promote”, “encourage”, “avoid” and miss the key messages from the debate."

Note the words "and miss the key messages from the debate" It appears Tracy missed the main message from the debate, the fact that after the debate a vote was made, and around 70% of the voters, voted for it's time to stop promoting carbohydrates to people with diabetes. I wonder why Tracy forgot to mention that fact, could it be because it goes against the diet of slow death DUK promotes ? Could it be a reduction in carbs for diabetics very often leads to a reduction in medication, in many type two diabetics no medication ? Could it be the DUK pay masters would reduce funding, and the likes of Tracy et al would be out of a job ?

Link to the DUK article here.


DUK The diabetes charity paymasters.

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Anonymous said...

"Is it time to stop promoting carbohydrates to people with diabetes"
My meter tells me yes it is.

Unknown said...

I must say that your post is awesome ! you delivered a simple message very easily i too think that vegetables play an important role in diabetes treatment.