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Thursday 24 April 2014

DCUK Quote of the year from Sid Bonkers !

"There is no moderation any more DD which is why I no longer bother posting here any more"

Sid Bonkers here.

Tell me this is not true Sid, I'm choked ! The greatest Court Jester in the history of the forum is calling it a day, just because he has no influence over the current moderators. Jeez, what has it all come down to ? I remember the days Sid could get away with anything. So far was he up Kenny boys butt, he had his postcode on his boots. Anna the banner was a big fan, but those days are gone.

Sid wound up and bludgeoned quite a few newbies off the forum, but to the experienced and in control diabetic, he was known as the village idiot. Not many of Sid's ilk left, which can only be a good thing for the forum. That being said, Sid once posted a truly great post and wonderful recipe that can be seen here. Get over and check it out folks, it is a real stunner, honestly.

Bon Voyage Sid and God bless all who sail in you !



Anonymous said...

I don't think it is because he has no influence, it is because Mods do not moderate.
A classic example here, a seller of supplements picking the forum member's brains for supplements that they use.
This will increase her sales but because she can say they come highly recommended by diabetics.
Look at the Mod's reply. She is sanctioning advertising.
You can also get three threads about the same topic. No Mod decides to amalgamate them.
Some people get away with personal attacks, others don't.
There is more to moderating than being visible on the forum 24/7 and mods should be spotting things that are against forum policy rather than accepting anything and everything and relying on members to do their job for them.

Lowcarb team member said...

Certain mods allowed Sid and the clique to break the rules for years. Now everyone is treated the same and Sid does not like it. Him and a few others thought they owned the forum. Those days are gone.

The moderating these days is good in my opinion, the forum is allowed to flow. Also, the place is not dominated by a select few, backed by bent mods.

Have you voiced your opinions clearly on the forum ? The days of getting banned for questioning a mod are long gone.


Anonymous said...

Good Moussaka recipe; and it reminds me that even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.



Anonymous said...

DCUK seems to have gone apeshit now with their NewsBot.
People's posts are well and truly lost and the whole thing is a muddle.
What a mess, no wonder people are leaving but DCUK will not care. Another load of mugs will come along and the whole cycle is repeated.
Too big for their boots springs to mind.