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Tuesday 8 April 2014

DCUK Big Giv is going into the T shirt business !

Over at the flog the sell job today is T shirts. From Giverny.

"We're looking at getting some t-shirts made, and would love to get some input from you all! We gathered up some ideas from Facebook and would like to give our forum users the opportunity to have the final say.

If you've got any other great ideas for diabetes-related t-shirts, feel free to post them here! 

Happy voting!"

So, the members have been asked to vote on some ideas on what might end up printed on the shirts, and come up with some ideas of their own. 

A few ideas from me.
 The Gullible Diabetes Community

Why was I banned ?

What happened to my post ?

Lock that thread

One day this war will be over
I love the smell of bacon in the morning
It smells like....Victory !

What happened to
 over 99% of the members ?

The lowcarb anti clique
 lost the carb war

Carboholics don't surf

Most dietitians are a health hazard

What ever happened to Kenny Boy ?

Eat my lowcarb lunch box

My healthcare team
 tried to kill me

Anyone got any ideas for a T shirt logo or slogan?

Fresh in from Wiflib "Fourrrrrrrrrrrr's the floorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!" If anyone can improve on that I will eat a donut.

Get your DCUK T Shirt today only £49.99 Never mind the quality feel the width!



Gwen said...

I dunno about for the board, but I LOVE "Most Dietitians are a health hazard!"


Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Gwen

Have they banned you yet ? LOL


wiflib said...

Fourrrrrrrrrrrr's the floorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Lowcarb team member said...

Love it Libby a winner I reckon. What fun the old betus can be at times.


Anonymous said...

Just L U V that one from Wiflib.

Anonymous said...

Well would you see this on a slogan?

Do U Know

is the way to

Possibly not.

Gwen said...

Eddie, I just checked, and apparently not. LOL

I see Mr. Suicide is alive and well , tweeting, despite the direct line suicide attempt by himself, a trained paramedic. HAHAHA

wiflib said...

Eddie, I'm still giggling!

Lowcarb team member said...


No one came close to your slogan. It looks like I will not be receiving an excuse for eating a do-nut.


paul1976 said...

"300 grams of carbs a day keeps the scurvy at bay!"



Lowcarb team member said...

Oh Libby how I have missed your chastisements. Remember the old days, the rubber, the spankings, happy days.