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Thursday 24 April 2014

Is It Too Late for the Younger Generation?

I’m sure many parents do often wonder and question what this world will be like when their children become adults. Perhaps like me you wonder what the world will be like when grandchildren reach their twenties and thirty’s. You obviously hope all things that are good will come their way. They will have to study, work hard be extremely focused when it comes to looking for work opportunities. We hope they will be healthy, we hope they can look back on childhood with good memories and be confident that there future will be secure. Is there such a thing as a secure future?
Life….how we live it, changes and evolves by each generation. I think it important to share as much as we can with our offspring, so they in turn can share it and pass on to theirs what should, we hope, be good knowledge and experience. It may not work out quite as we’d hoped but we owe it to the next generation to at least give it our best shot.
So many of us with differing views. Through our lives we all do our best to live, learn and work together to build and leave behind that ‘something’ which we consider important. The good, bad, ugly and sometimes evil is forever there lurking……but we do our best to rise above it and pass on what is good.
As time rushes past so quickly do we become too involved in the material side of life, is what we own more important than what we feel …how we treat each other …how we take time to share the ‘good’ things that are often there now but can so quickly disappear.
When was the last time you took a few minutes out of your day and allowed yourself to think….or to sit quietly, perhaps play a favourite piece of music that you like, that means something special to you.
Our special times are what makes each of us unique, they are what stores our memories. A great joy of mine is to sit down with my grandchildren and read a book….in no time at all they will be grown…..hopefully with children of their own. I hope the world as it turns and changes will still be a good place to live. 
In my own way, I will do my best to share and pass on what I believe to be good. Looking back at the generations before me in my family we haven’t done too badly… being the positive person that I am, I’ve just got to look ahead with confidence. Let’s be positive for the good of the emerging generation and do our utmost to make sure what we leave behind is a legacy for good in every respect.
As always thanks for reading …….
All the best Jan


tess said...

you're a lovely person, Jan, and your family and friends (including online) are lucky to have you!

Anonymous said...

Jan, you are a rose between thorns.
We can do our best and the young will need to do theirs.

Anonymous said...

I am sure our parents feared for us as we now fear for our children and in some cases grandchildren.

Wars, unrest, global carbon emissions, debt and work related problems.

Looking back is living easy, has it ever been easy. It is sometimes easy to fool ourselves. We all have to do our best. Perhaps that is all we can do.

I enjoyed the insight and different read, thank you.


Lowcarb team member said...

Tess and James thank you so much for your comments.

Ruth, many thanks for your comment too. I am sure you are right about our parents fearing for us, or perhaps worrying about us. All we can do is our best.

Take Care Everyone

All the best Jan