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Sunday 20 April 2014

Evelyn Kocur aka Carbsane aka the bloated blogger names me in dispatches !

“Just when I thought I was out, they drag me back in” anyone remember that line from The Godfather Al Pacino. For some time I have been thinking of calling it a day on this blog, I mentioned the fact the other day over here. Our website needs re-working and up dating and what I nick name our Cpt. Sensible blog on wordpress also needs a lot of work. The thing is, I may have to stick around in this place a little longer. Imagine my surprise on getting home last night, to find the one and only, legend in her own lunchtime, Evelyn Kocur, had mentioned me several times in her latest thread. Now, I am not going to let it go to my head, but when Evie mentions you in dispatches, it’s tantamount to getting the Queens Award to Industry. Just about every person in the Low carb and Paleo world has been slagged off by Evie, and I mean everyone. So, you can see my dilemma, should I ride this latest situation for all it is worth ? or should I let it go ? While I ponder the situation, here is my take on Evie the bloated blogger.

She first came to my attention while listening to a Jimmy Moore podcast linked below. Basically it was a one hour plus rant against Gary Taubes. During the podcast Evie stated how she had lost a shed load of weight, and for the first time in years, had got out of the morbidly obese club, great eh, err no. She suddenly started feeling ill, got checked out and decided her low carb diet was doing her no good, this by the way, coincided with what she called ‘cheats’ in the form of hitting the Lindt chocolate box with a vengeance, the result, rapidly back to morbid obesity, as she is to the present day.

Now, here’s the thing that amazes me, instead of trying something new and getting back to a healthy weight and improving her health, she decided almost everyone in the Low carb and Paleo world was a fraud and a snake oil salesman. She decided to dedicate her life to exposing these charlatans. Without further ado, she set about her mission, for the first time in her life she was gonna be a somebody. She had no interest in helping anyone, how could she ? she couldn't even help herself. The blurred and obviously many years old photographs removed from her blog, that made sense, how can you ridicule people for their appearance and weight problems, when you are the very thick end of 150lbs over weight yourself.

So, back to my mention on the bloated blogger blog, part of her post.

“Eddie doesn't like me too much because I expose the underbelly of his beloved community. I also blog on the science here as regards what type 2 diabetes really is. In his world view, there is only one way to go with that -- VLC and metformin. It's a myopic view shared by many in the low carb community and they must prevent people from being exposed to folks like me who might show you otherwise through credible scientific references.”

I do believe for the majority of type two diabetics, a lifestyle change is the best way to go, for the reduction of weight and safe blood glucose control. Check on any diabetes forum, and you will see almost all the success comes via a low carb diet. It’s simple, it works and keeps on working. The one downside is the fact it requires some self disciple in the early days. After a short while it becomes second nature. This is the problem which Evie cannot get beyond and probably never will, she has no self discipline regarding food. You must be able to see the irony here, the font of all knowledge dedicates her life to the ‘science’, rubbishes so many successful people, yet has to hide herself away too ashamed to publish a recent photograph of herself. I cannot think of one serious blogger other than Evie, who has not published photographs of themselves.

So delusional has she become, her hot off the press Magnum Opus book called ‘Restriction Addiction’ tells us that people with a weight problem and restrict part of their diet to reduce weight, have a mental problem, buy looser clothes a few sizes bigger and learn to love yourself, problem solved. The fact is the Carbsaner blog started by Carol (and ended by Carol due to legal threats I suspect) completely destroyed the shred of credibility Evelyn Kocur may ever have had. One thing is for sure. You can never, ever be a player, or be taken seriously, while you hide in a sewer like a gutless rat, just ask Charles Grashow. At this moment I am thinking of another famous line “It's sad, so sad, it's a sad, sad situation and it's getting more and more absurd” Elton John


Link to the Jimmy Moore Evelyn Kocur podcast here.

Link to the latest EK rant at Evil Sugar Radio here.

Low carb diabetic health warning.

Listening to these podcasts requires over two hours of your time. If you have an iron constitution check them out, if you can come back here and convince me this woman is the full ticket I will be staggered. Stand by for the biggest load of bollocks you have ever heard, listening will be one tough job, but what an expose into the mind of the bloated blogger. As Richard Littlejohn often says "You couldn't make it up"

One last point, never forget "There's no business like show business let's go on with the show" 


Wiflib said...

I was going to, truly I was; cup of creamy coffee next to me, leg of the fattiest lamb roasting away in the oven surrounded by sticky roasted turnip and a big pile of my most favourite vegetables waiting to be cooked, but then I thought, nah, she's a nutter and I simply can't be arsed.

Anonymous said...

You're all showmen regardless of what you preach.
You Eddie are only a supporting act.

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Libby you chickened out, listen to that bilge I have to LOL It is a master-class in how not to low carb.


Lowcarb team member said...

Anonymous said...
You're all showmen regardless of what you preach.
You Eddie are only a supporting act.

True I am only a minnow, but over a million page views on our blogs says something. People want some entertainment these days not page after page of links to diabetes studies and falling off the wagon stories. And as I said it's show business.


horfilmania said...

If Ek mentioned you then you are definitely in very privileged company and a possible threat. Why else would she attack you? You are being heard and that's a very good thing. You are saving diabetics and others from pain, suffering and death. That's why you need to reconsider shutting down your blog. You are doing a world of good even if you don't see all the results.

Unknown said...

I've sparred with Carbsane and her cronies. It's pointless though - they are united in their hate of Gary Taubes and all things low-carb.

I patiently explained all of the research that demonstrates that low-carb diets are the best for diabetics, but all I got in return is "that I know some diabetics that cured themselves on a high-carb diet".

So I dispute that she "blogs on the science here as regards what type 2 diabetes really is", because all she has is weak anecdotal shit.

I actually agree with some of what she says about "the cult of low-carb", but I don't think that you can apply that thinking to diabetics.

Lowcarb team member said...

Eddie said...
Listening to these podcasts requires over two hours of your time

If you listened to these podcasts in their entirety your a hero mate or completely mad.


tess said...

Heavilyn is a pathetic failur. She attempts to hide this fact as so many failures do -- through misdirection and distraction. The best reply to her i've ever heard came from Hyperlipid:

"I made a great mistake when I first came across you, having been forwarded the 2010 Axen paper. I thought you simply needed to have the physiology and pathophysiology explained and you would adjust your point of view.

"I was completely incorrect in this, but don't worry, I think my current opinion of you nowadays is probably less mistaken.

"Please desist from putting up worthless papers in which you have failed to comprehend the flaws. I have only limited enthusiasm for posting about such inanity."

CS is not rational. It's sad that she has been able to convince the naive that she knows what she's talking about ... but if they are that ignorant and trusting in "authority" there's nothing that anyone can do to save them anyway.

Lowcarb team member said...

Tess said...

CS is not rational. It's sad that she has been able to convince the naive that she knows what she's talking about ... but if they are that ignorant and trusting in "authority" there's nothing that anyone can do to save them anyway.

So true Tess her little band of sycophants are easily fooled by the pseudo science spouted on her blog.


Galina L. said...

There is some LC bs, like the recurring advice for the people who have trouble loosing weight "just eat more butter", but the absolutely negative perception of LC diets on the Carbsane blog looks like one big total prejudgment.

Lowcarb team member said...


Have you listened to the two podcasts linked in the post ?

Listen to them, EK babbles on and is clearly clueless. How anyone could listen to the podcasts and take her seriously is beyond me.

Look at the people who follow her, almost all are batshit ! Until she can practise what she preaches she is a sad joke.


Galina L. said...

Yes, I listened to both podcasts, the interview with JM when it was issued a while ago, and the last one recently when Wooo put link to it on her blog. As I said it in my comment there, Evelyn displayed too much of a negative bias against LC diets without offering any working alternative, all in the name of the concern that somebody may get an eating disorder trying to loose weight using a LC or a Paleo diet. What about health benefits of a LCarbing not narrowed to the cure of epilepsy or migraines? What about the perfect appetite control it provides? Trashing everything related to a LC looks as a very bias position.

Saying all that, I want to add that I do not support bullying Evelyn aka Carbsane for not being able to achieve a normal weight. Like Jemmy Moore, she lost a lot of weight after the period of yo-yo dieting, - 100 (!) lbs for her not tall frame is an enormous weight loss, she is older than Jimmy and obviously of a different gender. Most of middle-aged females(and even males) get stalled much sooner, and eating a LC diet does not give a warranty to achieve a perfect weight for everyone. Human body resists big weight loss very efficiently. I believe it is better to be fair to the people even when they have opposite opinions.

I don't understand why the people who do not need to follow a LC diet spent so much time criticizing thous who do. We, who hang on LC blogs, discuss recipes, experiences and issues, which is a part of self-motivating, because humans are social creatures. We sometimes need it in the current environment of the standard health advise. What sort of motivating or information people get on the blog which is biased against LCarbing? Do they need the motivation to eat in moderation and to resist the urge to put some heavy cream in their coffee?

May be Charles has the ability to illuminate me? Eddy, do you routinely go to Dr.Ornish blog or get involved into the discussions on every post Duriander put on his blog?

Unknown said...

@Galina L

I have no bias against LC dieting. If it works for you then more power to you. My problem is with people who proclaim it to be the be all and end all for ALL problems people have.

I've posted studies showing T2D being taken off of insulin on a HCLF macrobiotic diet and asked for thoughts on the studies. The response was for me to basically eat shit and die!

I visit sites like McDougall to gather information - to possibly change my paradigm as it relates to arterial plaque reversal. After all no one knows all of the answers.

Why nit ask Eddie why he is so nasty (for want of a better word) to people who question his paradigm?

Galina L. said...

Charles, I do think that the potential of LCarbing is being underestimated, however at the same time some people indeed overestimate that possible potential. Nothing works perfectly, unfortunately - does it the reason to dismiss multiple benefits.

I answered on your comment with links to the macrobiotic diet experiment on Bill's blog, LC achieves the same purpose with less hassle of involving specialists carefully trained in the macrobiotic food preparation because the main purpose of that diet was the reduction of the glycemic response on the eaten food by the diabetics. On the top of it, glycemic response on food is very individualized. Bill Ladacos answered you that the macrobiotic diet was compared with a regular way of eating, not with LCarbing.
The significant importance of such research for Cubans may be in the learning of more healthy ways to prepare food in the environment of food shortages, when beans are more abandon than meat, eggs and butter.
I guess I know where Eddy's anger is coming from. He and many diabetics are aggressively given from all directions the wrong kind of an diet advice which is actually deadly for the people with his disease. They also are limited on the blood testing supplies in his country. Most of diabetics who can achieve more normal BS level on the diet which doesn't keep them hungry and a very easy to follow diet + very chip medication with a good safety record, are carefully scared into the fear of fat, healthy grains consumption and statines taking + new , expensive diabetic meds which have numerous health warnings because attempt to micromanage how a body works. From his perspective you are acting on the side of the people like Hope Warsaw.

Unknown said...

@Galina L

Until you mentioned the name and I googled her I had never heard of Hope Warsaw.

His anger is misplaced towards me and he needs to control it

Lowcarb team member said...


I've posted studies showing T2D being taken off of insulin on a HCLF macrobiotic diet and asked for thoughts on the studies.

But charlie boy you've only given links to short term studies that as Galina said require the intervention of trained specialists, we have achieved at the very least comparable benefits without any help from anyone but fellow LowCarbers and not in the short term but for over six years.

The response was for me to basically eat shit and die!

I think you should be used to that by now charlie boy! It's not only us on this blog that think you are pretentious prick.


Lowcarb team member said...

"His anger is misplaced towards me and he needs to control it"

Charlie I had a google around today and was amazed to see how many blogs you were pissing people off. Blog after blog you were making an idiot of yourself. I lost count of how many times you were quoting your blood numbers and winding people up. Dayspring's,Wolfe's, Wooo's, Eades's and others.

I had a run in last year with a person like you, a sort of full-time wind up artist, he ain't around any more, when are you going to stop winding people up.

BTW I heard today you are a shill for a plant based protein company, any truth in that ?

I like you Charlie, I'm gonna eat you last.


Galina L. said...

Sorry to give you an unfamiliar name of the star diabetes educator, but I though everybody who so actively participates in the discussions about nutrition like you had several chances to hear about her famous ideas like "Diabetics deserve to enjoy the same food as everybody else" - another person who believes in the dangers of food restrictions.

But, really, what is your agenda? What is the point of going to all LC blogs and telling people there that it is better to look for other ways to achieve results they get from LCarbing but with the use of plant based food? There is sure some gray area like eating beans is better than eating bread (from the GI point of view), eating cold pizza is better than eating it hot from the oven, macrobiotic diet is better than a regular food, any traditional diet is better than industrialized food, and so on. I understand how you find Jimmy's diet to be an unreasonable one, but what do you have against the diet of the people on LC diabetics blog who promote eating a lot of veggies with their meat (except for Eddy being rude and angry)?

From the reading of some of your comments, I understood that the people in your family had a tendency to have a higher cholesterol level, and that fact made you health conscious. Probably, you use your participation in blogs to motivate yourself in your medical and diet choices. So far the proven danger of higher cholesterol level is a much smaller health alert than having diabetes and higher blood sugar levels. For that reason I doubt that you have any chance to have a meaningful discussion here, unless you enjoy some verbal offence.

NS said...


I always value your contributions. But I respectfully disagree with you here. While I could be wrong, my sense from reading Charles' comments is that like many of us, he's perpetually looking for the ideal diet - one that allows triumph over T2D and yet doesn't automatically bring with it other potential issues; one that is sustainable long term and yet one that also gives us some measure of sanity. I think we all share these goals. I enjoy reading his comments as I do yours, as well as Woo's blog and Evelyn's at the same time. We are all in constant discussion to get the best truths possible. Is that not the purpose of history? To arrive at better places.

Galina L. said...

Thank you, NS, for your kind and respectful comment. I guess it could be honest to say that I decided to close my minds in several directions after some experimenting and after a major verbal fight many of us had on Peter's and SG's blogs which resulted in close to 500 comments from both sides. It was sightly over one year ago. As the result I left Carbsane's blog and some others discussion places I previously enjoyed. What was the point to discuss with people when my opinion was set?
However,it is useful on some occasions to be exposed to the wide variety of opinions, sometimes to understand better ourselves. After listening to the Evelyn's interview,for example, I realized, that it could be fair to say about myself that I am a person who supports self-imposed food restrictions. I see nothing wrong about it in general (as almost everything, it could be done in a damaging way, of course). It is similar to that I see nothing wrong with forcing myself to make a time space in the morning for a short tai-chi practice, while I really want to relax and lay in a bed longer, but I know I would enjoy my day more after doing tai-chi, and life is more enjoyable when body is fit and flexible, so it is a fair trade.
I don't want to stop Charles from enjoying discussions he has, just I think that diabetics are not a logical target for his diet objections. They promote a very reasonable diet, unlike JM, and their goals are very specific.

matthk said...

Did anyone here listen to Evelyn Kocur on 'Latest in Paleo' this week?
Her manner, her repetitiveness, her drifting off topic - all these and more lead me to believe she was drunk, and getting more drunk as the interview went on.
If she wasn't drunk, then there's something seriously - medically - wrong with her.

Decide for yourself...